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Smart Mouse NF-306 Line Hunter | Line Checker | Multipurpose Line Finder | Length | Breakpoint Test

Smart Mouse NF-306 Line Hunter | Line Checker | Multipurpose Line Finder | Length | Breakpoint Test
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Model: NF-306
  • Product number: NF-306
  • Color Classification: NF-306 Hunt Detector: Module Test Cable CATV Adapter NF-306 Engineering Cabling Professional 14 Pack Delivery: 2 original blade
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Brand: NOYAFA (shrewd mouse)

Model: NF-306

NF-306 test network cable, telephone line, the length of the monitoring line, breakpoint tester, check line (838/308 upgrade)

Product Features:

1.No noise, anti-jamming with load hunt.

2. To test the network line, telephone lines, coaxial, USB-A line length and breakpoints.

3. Chinese and English switch, with storage, calibration, memory and retrieval function.

4. Support the machine to the network line and telephone lines, LCD visual display the results.

Functional Description:

1. In the switch, the router is powered on state Hunt.

2. Can accurately determine the open point at one end (left, right or middle).

3. Crosstalk test on the network cable to solve the potential slow network speed failure.

4. Host voltage is lower than 6.0V, the automatic shutdown to stop working.

5. Can test the network cable, telephone line, coaxial line, USB-A line off, cross, crosstalk and other connections.

6. Automatic delay shutdown and backlight function.

7. Light function, dark environment easy to work.

8. Self-test function, can automatically compensate for battery power changes, free from environmental temperature changes.

Accessories: Telephone test line, the network test line, the module test line, alligator clip test line, 9V battery 2, manual 1, a warranty card, tool kit 1 Another cable TV cable to send a connector