100W AHD HD car dedicated camera | Vehicle-mounted camera | Air joint monitoring

100W AHD HD car dedicated camera | Vehicle-mounted camera | Air joint monitoring

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: exploring Granville
  • Model: 9868
  • Intelligent type: does not support smart
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Color: color
  • Definition: other
  • Focal length: 2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm
  • Jiao Duan: wide angle
  • Photographic size: 1/3 inches
  • City services: City Logistics delivery
  • Effective range: 0M (not included) -10m (not included)

Close attention to sell the camera default is 3.6mm need individual scenes of other Pro-remember contact lens mm to avoid wasting time on the notes change lenses
And the camera is in-car camera, need to be used with car DVR, this store is on regular SD card version of 3G GPS car DVR hard drive video recorder is sold ... Need to contact customer service in a timely manner. Service hotline: 18618172268

Promotion experience, limited 1000 units, sale is completed instantly restore the original price, hurry to buy Oh!!

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Product parameters:

Explore Granville surveillance camera surveillance camera products:

  • Single order Buy 6 or more, the national "except for Hong Kong and Macao regions" package mail.
  • 100W horizontal resolution, measuring not less than 100W
  • Challenge the highest price/performance ratio!
  • IR night vision +IRCUT programme: ensure the effect of day and night wonderful. Have a better night line
  • Visual effects.
  • IRCUT (day/night switch dual filters), At night, dark junction without color. Automatic color to black features, achieving monitored day and night;
  • All Taiwan tripod with design of ultra far-infrared light, "night vision distance
  • Installation location near the scene in the painting, the supply voltage and other factors
  • Joint decision. 】
  • Latest Energy-saving circuit Low power consumption, small heat, effectively extending the machine
  • Service life.
  • Pure machine screen, high definition, can be equipped with different lenses.
  • Explore Granville exclusively offers two years Warranty.
  • The default 3.6mm, 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm "the mirror
  • Suitable range, small second, or page down is visible, 2.8mm,
  • 6mm before you buy, please consult the second, ordered separately,
  • Will take more time. Please be patient. 】】
  • More than 52db s/n ratio . "Signal to noise ratio is higher, stronger anti-interference ability"
  • Support Auto white balance Features high color, realistic images;
  • Support Backlight compensation Functions for backlit foreground objects in the environment of surveillance;
  • Using advanced Double-ring glass Design, image is more distinct;
  • Provide IR irradiation distance of 30 meters.