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130W Pixel AHD HD Car Camera | Car Camera | Aviation Connector Monitoring Head

130W Pixel AHD HD Car Camera | Car Camera | Aviation Connector Monitoring Head
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pathfinder Granville as
  • Model: 9868
  • Smart Type: Smart is not supported
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Color: Color
  • Clarity: Other
  • Focal length: 2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm
  • Focal length: wide angle
  • Sensitive area: 1/3 inch
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door
  • Effective distance: 0m (not included) -10m (not included)

Parents pay attention to the shop selling camera default is 3.6mm in need of other lenses of the pro-remember to contact customer service on the lens mm to avoid wasting time to replace the lens
, This camera is a dedicated camera car Oh, with the need to use car video recorders, OUR have the ordinary SD card version of the car video recorder hard drive version of the 3G version of the VCR are sold ... there is a need to promptly contact customer service. 18618172268

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Product parameters:

Pathfinder, as the surveillance camera surveillance camera Products:

  • Single order The purchase of more than 6, the country 'Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan except' 包邮.
  • 100W line level analysis, measured not less than 100w
  • Challenge the highest cost performance!
  • Infrared night vision + IRCUT program: to ensure the effect of day and night wonderful. There is a better night without color cast
  • As the effect.
  • Comes with IRCUT (day and night switching dual filter), Night, the dark junction without color cast. Automatic color to black function, to achieve day and night monitoring;
  • All used in Taiwan Dingyuan ultra-long infrared light design, 'night vision distance by
  • Installation location, scene in the picture near and far, power supply voltage and other factors
  • Common decision.
  • up to date Energy - saving circuit , Low power consumption, heat a small, effective extension of the machine
  • Service life.
  • Machine picture pure, high-definition, optional different lenses.
  • Pathfinder Viagra to provide exclusive two years Warranty.
  • Default 3.6mm, to provide 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm lens' the mirror
  • Head for the range, please consult a small two, or turn down to see, 2.8mm,
  • 6mm before buying, please consult a small two, made separately, can be
  • You can spend a lot of time.
  • exceed 52db signal to noise ratio . 'The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the stronger the anti-jamming capability'
  • stand by Automatic white balance Function, high color reproduction, image fidelity;
  • stand by Backlight compensation Function, suitable for the foreground object under the backlit environment monitoring;
  • The use of advanced Double ring glass Design, image clearer;
  • Provide infrared radiation distance of 30 meters.