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Dell / Dell R920 Server E7-4880V2 * 2 / 8G * 2 / 600G R910

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Product parameters:

  • Level 2 cache capacity: other
  • Memory type: other / other
  • Blade server architecture: Other / other
  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Model: R920 E7-4880V2
  • Interface type: other / other
  • The maximum number of CPUs supported:
  • Standard memory: other / other
  • Hard disk capacity: other capacity
  • Processor clock speed: 2.5GHz
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Server type: rack
  • Processor Type: Other

Designed for reliability, the Dell PowerEdge R910 incorporates features such as Intel® High Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) capabilities with remote IDRAC6 connectivity and embedded diagnostics Dual built-in SD modules provide virtual machines Manages failover of the program, a reliability feature designed with direct feedback from Dell customers.
The focus on reliability begins at the product design until reliability is achieved by following a series of well-established rigorous verification processes. With the PowerEdge R910, reliability is assured in the following ways:

• Apply robust verification and testing procedures to ensure outstanding product design
• Verify that each supplier complies with Dell's stringent quality standards
• Rugged industrial materials for longer product life
• Introduces the Unified Server Configurator (USC), which provides long-lasting embedded diagnostics without the need for media, helping to minimize downtime
• Consolidate client-inspired features such as dual-in-line SD modules that provide hypervisor-level
• Implement a 'one-touch' quality control process to ensure that one person is solely responsible for the entire build process of the server
• Ensure that each fully configured Dell server is tested and repeatedly tested at the factory

Intelligent platform, the basis of interconnection
By listening to customer feedback and focusing on their needs, Dell delivers significant innovation and lasting value.
Virtualization, consolidation, unified fabric, networking, and storage upgrades drive the need for a more robust network path, and the server must be able to provide connectivity to drive this pair of bandwidth requirements. This provides the bandwidth and value the application requires while avoiding the scalability limitations imposed by the 10 Gb feature of riser cards.
A complete portfolio of management products
The PowerEdge R910 is easy to deploy, manage and maintain, saving you time and money by allowing you to focus on the important things - your people and your business.
Our systems management solutions focus on simplifying management, improving efficiency, controlling and reducing costs, and adhere to open standards.Our solutions are complementary, interrelated, and integrated with third-party products, enabling you to focus on solutions as a whole The program stack.
The Lifecycle Controller chip is integrated on the server and performs a complete set of configuration tasks, such as system deployment, system updates, and hardware configuration, using an intuitive interface called the Unified Server Configurator (USC) in the environment before loading the operating system And diagnostics, thereby simplifying the administrator & apos; s tasks and thereby avoiding the use and maintenance of multiple distributed CD / DVD media.
Dell's systems management portfolio also includes the Dell Management Console, part of the Open Manage ™ software, which is freely available on all Dell servers and provides IT managers with an integrated view of their entire IT infrastructure.
Efficient infrastructure
Customers can build efficient and scalable server infrastructures using standard x86 server technology.The PowerEdge R910 is a building block for a standard and efficient infrastructure.
• Dell's focus is on creating servers that help customers reduce costs by helping simplify day-to-day operations, leveraging infrastructure and streamlining deployment.
• Dell developed lifecycle controllers to help customers implement effective deployment processes and comprehensive server management.
• This Dell innovation helps customers save time and reduce potential errors and disruptions by automating the initial setup and configuration of new servers and automatically initializing the security configuration of the system service processors through the available available drivers .
Dell offers a variety of options for open standard server solutions based on the Intel® Xeon® architecture that combine Linux® systems and provides all the required features - performance, scalability, security, and support options to help reduce data Center Operating Costs.
The PowerEdge R910 complies with the Code of Conduct for the 11th generation PowerEdge ™ product portfolio, with the same system design and maintainability across the entire product portfolio.The Dell PowerEdge servers have all external ports, power supplies, and LEDs all in one location, Users feel familiar with, and easy to install and deploy.