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Ultra-long-distance Menci / can be used with most of the shop alarm host

Ultra-long-distance Menci / can be used with most of the shop alarm host
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fuers / Fuer 澌
  • Model: FUERS-YL38

Ultra-long distance door magnetic, can reach 500 meters outside, indoor 50 meters (no signal interference)

1, working principle

Menci is composed of wireless transmitter module and magnetic block in two parts, in the wireless transmitter module has two arrows at the 'reed' of the components, when the magnet and the reed of the distance 1.5Cm, the reed is in the off state, once the magnet and the reed separation distance 1.5Cm, the reed switch will be closed, resulting in short circuit, alarm indicator light at the same time to the host launch alarm signal.

2, Guard position

(1) door, (2) Drawers, (3Safe, (4) Windows

3, Installation Precautions

A, IC Is the encoding correct?

B, As far as possible to shorten the distance with the host

C, As far as possible with the host should not have steel fine concrete walls and electrical appliances

D, The installation location must be in the place to avoid rain and moisture

4Analysis and handling of common faults

A, The host can not receive the door of the alarm signal

(1Check the door magnetism IC Is the encoding correct?

(2Check the distance between the door and the host

(3) Check if the battery has an electrical or battery button connection

(4Check the installation of the door magnetic environment

(5) Check if the magnetic circuit board is damaged

B, The door of the light does not light or long light is not extinguished

(1) Check if the solder bumps on the circuit board are loose and fall off

(2Check the battery power

(3Check if the circuit board is damaged

C, As far as possible the transmitter mounted on the door frame, the magnet mounted on the door to reduce the transmitter caused by vibration caused by shedding

Technical indicators:
1 .Operating Voltage: 12V 23A
2 .Operating current: less than
3 .Quiescent current: less than
4 .working frequency:
5 .Frequency deviation: ±
6 .Transmit power:
> 15mw
7 .Launch distance : <500m (open
8 .Launch time: 1.5S-
9 .Magnetically controlled effective distance: 15mm ;freed- 30mm