Ultra distance-magnetometer/can be used with most shop alarm is equipped with

Ultra distance-magnetometer/can be used with most shop alarm is equipped with

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fuers/Foer exhaust
  • Model: FUERS-YL38

Long distance door sensor, can reach the outside of 500 meters, 50 meters indoors (no signal)

1Working principle

Door sensor is made up of wireless transmitter and magnet consists of two parts, in wireless transmitter module with two arrows have a ' steel reeds ' components, when the distance between magnet and steel spring stay 1.5When cm, steel spring is in a disconnected state, once the distance between magnet and steel spring separation exceeds 1.5Cm, steel spring will be closed, resulting in short circuits, alarm light is on at the same time launched an alarm signal to the host.

2To prevent

(1), (2) Drawers (3), Safety deposit box, (4) Window

3, Installation notes

A, IC Code is correct

B, Try to shorten the distance from the host

C, As far as possible between the host and don't have steel concrete walls and electrical

D, The installation location must be in to avoid rain and damp places

4And common fault analysis and treatment

A, The host does not receive magnetic door alarm signals

(1) Check the door sensor IC Code is correct

(2) Check the door sensor and distance between hosts

(3) Check whether the battery whether there is power or battery connection section

(4) Check the surroundings of the installed door sensor

(5) Inspect door magnetic Board for damage

B, Door sensor led is off or long out of

(1) Check whether the led on the circuit board solder convenient, off

(2) Check battery power

(3) Check the circuit board for damage

C, As far as possible transmitters mounted on the door frame, place the magnet on the door to reduce launcher caused by vibration and fall off

Technical specifications:
1 .Working voltage: 12V 23A
2 .Working current: less than 15mA
3 .Quiescent current: less than
4 .Operating frequency:
5 .Frequency deviation: ±
6 .Transmit power:
7 .Transmission distance : ﹤500m (Open
8 .Launch time: 1.5S-
9 .Magnetically controlled effective distance:- 15mm ;Release- 30mm