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LAPTOP A3 quad-core 14-inch portable business office game super this ultra-thin notebook computer

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: attack LAPTOP A3
  • Packing volume: 8110 cubic centimeters
  • Screen Type: LED
  • Whether the PC tablet Combo: No
  • Body weight (with battery): 1.5kg
  • Gross weight: 2.213 kg
  • Energy Efficiency: No
  • Energy efficiency rating: None
  • Brand: attack
  • Series: LAPTOP
  • Model: A3
  • Screen size: 14.1 inches
  • Screen scale: 16: 9
  • CPU: Celeron J1900
  • Graphics Type: Core graphics
  • Memory capacity: 2G
  • Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity: No mechanical hard disk
  • SSD: 64g
  • Memory capacity: 4G
  • Optical drive type: no optical drive
  • Applicable scenarios: Mobile Workstation Home Video Female Positioning Thin and light portable student Business Office HD games Home Entertainment
  • Weight: 1kg (including) -1.5kg (not included)
  • Lithium batteries Number of batteries: 3-cell lithium battery
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Color Classification: high with the version of the white version with a silver version with a high gold version of the rose gold with a high version of the black version of the black high-level version of the gold enjoy exclusive white version of the silver enjoy the version of the gold version of the rose gold enjoy a black version of the Edition Edition gold version with a silver version with silver version with black With the version of gold with a low version of white
  • Time to market: May 2016
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Communication Technology Type: Wireless LAN
  • Input device: Keyboard Touchpad
  • Additional features: MINI HDMI RJ45 interface Camera function Speaker USB 3.0
  • Package Type: Package Five Official Standard Package Standard Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four
  • Whether super pole this: Yes
  • Built-in battery: Removable battery
  • Resolution: 1366x768
  • Whether the touch screen: non-touch screen