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Cotton slippers men and women couple warm indoor non-slip home month thick bottom slippers autumn and winter floor with a half-pack

Product code: -62940000030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Home Fu
  • Model: MTZ-0989
  • Fish 'Dark Blue' Fish 'Coffee' Fish 'Coffee' Home 'Cow' Pink 'Fish' Watermelon Red 'Cow' Red 'Cow' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Brown' 1314 'Black' Home ' Purple '1314' Pink '1314'
  • Applicable season: winter
  • 38-39 'fit 36-38' 40-41 'fit 39-40' 42-43 'fit 41-42' 44-45 'fit 43-44' 36-37 'fit 35-36'
  • Suitable for: couples

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