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Division Core network matrix host high-definition digital decoding stitching one 4-screen 16-segment surveillance camera on the wall

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Division Rui as
  • Model: KS-NVM10-PJ0409
  • Matrix type: Numeric matrix
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door

Key Features

◆ Embedded industry's only platform software features, you can drag the camera with any mouse IP Address to the system in any one window decoding display

◆ set up and use completely out of the computer, and analog matrix is ​​so simple, fast and convenient

◆ personalized management functions, sub-ordinary users and advanced user rights

◆ can set a free time to automatically lock screen function, lock screen can only see the image, only to re-login to operate

◆ Up to a single machine 32A HDMI or 16A HDMI + DVI Output

◆ machine 32-channel 200W, 128-channel 960P, 512-channel D1

◆ Video output Comes with stitching function, without professional mosaic screen will be able to achieve splicing display

◆ Adopt plug-in structure, easy to expand and maintain

◆ Adopted Linux Operating system, stable and reliable operation

◆ support different brands of different resolutions of the network camera hybrid decoding

◆ support the mainstream manufacturers of video servers, DVR , NVR , CVI VCR, TVI VCR, AHD VCR and other real-time dual-stream preview and video playback

◆ Can be accessed HDMI / VGA Encoder network signal to achieve decoding of remote computer or other high-definition video equipment screen

◆ You can manually add and automatically search the network camera IP Address, access IPC Quantity up to 6More than 10,000 (see the project needs optional)

◆ available fixed IP Or domain name to add the port number to access the remote network camera video

◆ compatible with ONVIF Network protocol Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Haikang, Dahua, Yaan, Honeywell, Bosch, the world Albert, Hanbang, Ming King, Jing Yang,

Sunny International, Putian, Lang Chi, the Yellow River, the British fly-extension, Czech Republic high, in the peacekeeping century, wave particles, Kyoho, Kim San Li and other network cameras and days Vision Network HD module,

Network high-definition module, nine security network HD network and have ONVIF Network protocol for other manufacturers of cameras and dome cameras

◆ Support USB mouse, PC platform software, Network control keyboard operation

◆ automatically bind the keyboard switch with the camera ID Number, according to need to change the corresponding IP Of the keyboard switch ID

◆ built-in database, the user's settings parameters will be stored in the database

◆ built-in virtual computer keyboard function, the mouse cursor can be used for editing letters or characters

◆ character overlay function, the network camera can edit the corresponding regional information or name

◆ Each HDMI The output port can be multi-screen segmentation, each split screen can switch any network camera signal display

◆ Grouping can switch the screen, multi-screen automatic round of patrol, single-screen automatic round patrol

◆ Yes 12Group scene memory function, you can automatically tour a number of scenes were round

◆ Optional audio card to achieve one to one, one-to-many audio intercom and radio

◆ Optional network alarm host to achieve audio and video linkage switching

◆ electronic map function, the system can quickly receive the alarm after the location of the location of the incident in detail