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Bracelet Crystal Bracelet Single lap Fur Stone Women's Hand String Birthday Gift Fashion Horse Powder Crystal Bracelet

Bracelet Crystal Bracelet Single lap Fur Stone Women
Product code: 6240500030
Unit price 4.8-20.2$
Sold quantity 2094
Available stock 581

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: No
  • Material: natural crystal / semi-precious stones
  • Crystal and semi-precious stones Category: powder crystal
  • Color classification: 3A 8mm semi-transparent ice waxy 3A 10mm sweet powder waxy 3A 12mm sweet powder waxy 4A 8mm semi-transparent jelly powder 4A 10mm semi-transparent jelly powder 4A 12mm semi-transparent jelly powder 6A 8mm crystal transparent rounded
  • Brand: Vatican stone
  • Applicable gender: Female
  • Pattern: Other
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Whether the spot: spot
  • Inlaid material: not mosaic
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 301-400 yuan
  • Strange: strange
  • Item: Love