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Reissue Fake Hair Top Hair Wig Fragment Genuine Hair Replacement Hair Trim Hair Wig Ladies Hand Knitting Needle Cover White Hair

Reissue Fake Hair Top Hair Wig Fragment Genuine Hair Replacement Hair Trim Hair Wig Ladies Hand Knitting Needle Cover White Hair
Product code: 62340300030
Unit price 144.19-185.76$
Sold quantity 251
Available stock 10923

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Miear M1213
  • Brand: Miear
  • Wigs single product: M1213
  • Color: 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - maroon 20cm 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - natural partial yellow 40cm 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - maroon 40cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' - normal Black 40cm 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - normal black 20cm 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - Natural partial yellow 30cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' - Natural partial yellow 20cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' 30cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' - normal black 30cm 'Seamless lifelike + light models' - Black 50cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' - maroon 50cm 'Seamless realistic + light models' - Natural partial yellow 50cm
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Efficacy: blocking white hair
  • Cosmetic features: cover sparse

Problem Summary

1: This is really made it?

This is 100% real hair (Girls braided hair) production, hair elastic luster, can be 2 times hot dye.

2: how to take care of normal? How long to wash?

Pro, with our own hair care can be the same, in general 10-20 days Cleaning time, the hair itself does not secrete oil points, so do not have too frequent cleaning, and after washing with the point of hair products will be better Oh.

3: How to clean the product? Is there any need to pay attention to the place?

Well, this real hair products, wash time Can not scrub , Can not be machine wash, to wash the water inside the bubble wash or stroked along the hair wash, pay attention to be sure not to scrub, or hair will be knotted comb not open, washed with a towel to absorb moisture, Care solution for care, then Naturally dry When you can take care of the hair dry Oh.

4: hair piece how to wear? Firm?

Pro, the bottom of the four cards above the card to open the clip card to their hair on the closure of a good hair clip can be a very simple, because the stuck stuck his hair is very strong, As long as it is not hard to pull will not fall , Sports, dancing, and so no problem.

5: summer wear will not heat? Permeability is good?

Pro, this is a partial replacement of the head wearing a head, itself is Does not affect the overall heat , But also the net surface, the permeability is very high.

6: received on the need to trim it?

Pro, bangs fit can not be trimmed, a little longer, then you can According to their face to refine it Oh significant effect.

7: Qi Liu can trim oblique bangs it?

Dear, Oblique bangs can be trimmed into Qi Liu , Qi Liu can not be trimmed into oblique bangs Oh, the length is not enough

8: hair piece length position?

Pro, 20cm length to earlobe 30c length to shoulder 40cm length to underarm 50cm length to chest

9: the difference between black and primary colors?

There are two kinds of black, black and primary colors.

Hair after treatment to produce the finished product.After more than to disinfection, treatment and other procedures, the hair is not so dark, you need to dye back normal hair black, this color is black; (A little yellowish ); Normal black can not be re-stained; primary colors can be free later color.

10: wear hair pieces can lengthen their hair?

Can not, because the replacement block itself is a partial product, hair tail hair volume will not be a lot, can not be used alone to increase the length of hair, will look unnatural,

11: how to identify real hair it?

After receiving one or two hair can be off Burn with a lighter True hair is a protein composition of a barbecue with the taste of a twist into a powder, and his hair burning effect of the same; Fiber wigs a burning knot , Twist is not broken, there is the smell of plastic burning.

12: inappropriate to return it?

OUR support 7 days no reason to return , But also because the hair is a soft product, easy to deformation in the box does not look good in the box, our products not only support 7 days no reason to return, After receiving cleaning can also take care of shape , If not appropriate can also be back, As long as no pruning, not hot dye can.