Langsha pantyhose stockings open file anti-hook wire with slim black flesh off Free summer fun stockings temptation to sack

Langsha pantyhose stockings open file anti-hook wire with slim black flesh off Free summer fun stockings temptation to sack

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015 summer
  • Brand: Langsha
  • Style: LSAX6811
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Fabric Material: polyamide fibers (nylon) 82.3% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 17.7%
  • Color: black sack sack sack coffee gray skin sack anti-hook wire black skin anti anti-hook wire hook wire hook wire anti-gray coffee black bikini bikini bikini skin bikini gray anti-hook wire black coffee King King King Skin Anti-hook wire anti-hook wire hook wire anti ash King coffee T crotch crotch skin black T T T crotch crotch gray coffee black stewardess stewardess stewardess coffee gray skin stewardess
  • Size: Free [] off the temptation to open crotch pantyhose [paragraph] Anti-wear suitable hook Sishu single upshift] [sexy bikini beautiful butterfly flower [increase] before and after fat MM dual upshift [Incognito] T crotch Fashionable [pantyhose] stewardess elegant paragraph long legs MM Endearment
  • Cylinder height: Rompers
  • Thickness: Slim
  • Crotch-bit style: Normal crotch
  • Fabric material: Cored wire
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Mercerized
  • Functional uses socks: Legs shaping
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Season: Summer

Langsha thin stockings, mainly composed of: nylon and spandex, since Langsha manufacturers are more production batches of the factory is not the same as Num will be different, but the material is the same, the proportion of ingredients will be different, particularly in order to receive physical packaging content Declaration shall prevail! (the following is a partial Num component)

Ultra-thin cored wire
ZT6617 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
V601 Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
98313 Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
ZT6650 hips: 90.6% nylon 9.4% spandex leg: nylon spandex 81.3% 18.7%
Z6806 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
AX6888 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%

Slim Anti-hook wire
V602 Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
98809 Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%

Ultra-thin bikini models
ZT6648 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
AX6811 Legs: Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
AX6811 Legs: Nylon spandex 80.8% 19.2%

Slim stewardess stockings
AX6848 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
L3474 nylon 80.8% spandex 19.2%
L3474 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%

Cored wire thin big yards
98316 Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%

Anti-hook wire thin big yards
ZT6621 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
AX6826 nylon 80.8% spandex 19.2%
AL6045 nylon 80.8% spandex 19.2%

Thin T file stockings
AL690 nylon 80.8% spandex 19.2%
AX6819 nylon 82.3% spandex 17.7%
Thin stockings free off
ZT6634 Legs: Nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%