RJ11 telephone cable RJ45 network cable connector | network dual-head | through head | on the connector | extension cable

RJ11 telephone cable RJ45 network cable connector | network dual-head | through head | on the connector | extension cable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: card-Connaught
  • Model: double pass
  • Network Device Type: Other
  • (8-pin) RJ45 cable three-way (8-core)

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Interface Type: RJ-45

Product Usage:

2 network cable through the product even into a longer cable

Both sides are RJ45 interface, connection or extension

Network cable short how to do?

Look at this! Network through! For the extension of the network, ultra-practical Oh. You can connect two cables together to form a long cable , As the function of the cable connector, the choice of materials high-grade, excellent workmanship, Dachang licensed, quality guaranteed, is the first choice for engineering and personal use.

Network RJ45 (8 core) is divided into two demultiplexer

Name: RJ45 three links head

Interface Description: three are RJ45 eight-core standard jack

Network RJ45 (8 core) is divided into two sub-connector (Note: If these products to 2 computers at the same time the Internet is set up through the network card, see the following specific settings)

Product use example:

① For example, to get a laptop in two fixed mobile use of the room, with the three-head, one end of the cable source, the other end of the two lines, respectively, wiring to the two rooms, so you do not have to change rooms without Crystal head can not access the Internet and trouble, cheap and practical!

② can also be connected to a single extension cable use. Simple and easy to use!

Two computers through one computer can be set up on it. (Can not guarantee 100% can be used Oh, some models of the computer can not be used to test, you want to use two computers to access the Internet at the same time is to go through the computer settings. See the card model)

A: Right-click on the desktop My Network Places - Properties.

II: In the open window, right-click the local connection properties.

3: In the open Local Area Connection Properties window, click Configure.

4. In the configuration window, select the second option Advanced.

Fives: Select the connection speed and duplex mode in the properties options box and select the value to the right10 Mbps full duplex . (Note: not all computers are written to connect the speed and duplex mode, but also to write in English, do not understand you can consult customer service)

Then point to complete.