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Three anti-straight long standby charge treasure old phone big button dual card dual standby WeChat Land Rover military quality

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jin Branch
  • Model: V89
  • Color Classification: Army Green Blue Black Army Green + 4G memory card memory card + 4G blue black army green + 4G memory card + 8G memory card + 8G memory card blue black + 8G memory card

Handset dimensions: length 134mm, width 60mmAnd a thickness of 25mm

Mild earthquake, drop resistance mild, mild water splash (not flush, can not be soaked in water)!

Micro letter, QQ function can only be used to move or Unicom's 2G traffic, you need to install the memory card to use only chat, you can not send and receive pictures can not enter into a circle of friends and space.

Support Mobile, China Unicom is not supported telecommunications

Official standard: Host + battery (8000 mA) + charger + data cable + warranty card + beautifully packaged