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Wigs | horsetail | female | long rolls | fluffy | tied large wave fake horse tail long curly hair |

Wigs | horsetail | female | long rolls | fluffy | tied large wave fake horse tail long curly hair |
Product code: 6162500030
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Sold quantity 187
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Fshow / Fat Show XBJM011
  • Brand: Fshow / show of the show
  • Wig single product: XBJM011
  • Color classification: natural light brown brown dark brown natural black + steel comb light brown + steel comb dark brown + steel comb natural black + steel comb, care solution light brown + steel comb, care solution dark brown + steel comb, care solution natural black + Care solution light brown + care solution dark brown + care solution
  • Hair material: high temperature silk
  • Efficacy: matte good tail
  • Cosmetic features: modified beautiful head type

Hair of the long tail horseshoe wings, free and easy handsome.

Product information
Baby information
Brand: The show
Model: XBJM011
Colour: Light brown (picture color) dark brown natural black
Hair: High temperature wire
Structure: Belt type (lace type)
Length: About 45 centimeters
Weight: About 100 grams
Hair: Lace-type long fake horse tail
Face: Face face face face
Size: Free size
Matte hair naturally curl
■ Product color card
■ Recommended reason Just the free and easy, increase the sense of fashion!
■ Hair instructions

Matte realistic High temperature wire

Hair texture high Wens light fluffy, so that the pro-hair nature.

Easy to clear High temperature filamentous Slippery, flexible, easy to knot, not easy to deformation, easy comb pass.

Model show (real shot)

Baby highlights

1, hair show designer design, pruning care, wearing a good effect.

2, high temperature silk!

Make a show that you wear wigs
Make a show to teach you to clean the wig