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Germany Bosch handheld laser rangefinder GLM250VF / 250 meters / suitable for indoor and outdoor use of sunlight

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bosch / Bosch
  • Model: GLM250VF
  • Item No: GLM250VF
  • Color classification: sets of 1: factory standard + shop insurance for three years the new machine sets 2: standard security for three years + ordinary invoice sets 3: standard security for three years + VAT invoice sets 4: standard warranty for three years + charging package Package 5: standard warranty for three years + charging equipment + general ticket set 6: standard warranty for three years + charging equipment plus ticket set 7: no packing box standard shop insurance three years of new machine sets 7: With three years + general vote
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • How it works: Laser
  • Distance measuring distance: 250m

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According to the "AQSIQ on the abolition of imports of measuring instruments such as pre-sale verification of the notice" in the relevant provisions: since April 24, 2015, the abolition of imports of laser range finder in the pre-sale compulsory certification.

The shop sold by Bosch laser range finder is without identification certificate , If you need to Shanghai Institute of Metrology issued by the latest Bosch rangefinder test certificate, please consult customer service specific charges!

All products are three bags, your receipt within seven days of quality problems Baotuibaohuan, freight all out by us.

In addition, this product we store for you all warranty (specific warranty details, please contact customer service) special promotions, the National 包邮!

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250 meters Of the powerful ranging length and 1 mm error accuracy, Deserve to be outdoor special laser measuring equipment, even the night when the light is also weak super performance, As shown, this measurement was measured at night 19:17

Night measurement conditions:

Bosch special tripod measurement (anti-shake), the measured object for ordinary reflective objects;

Or hand-held rangefinder, the measured object for the civilian reflective material, if you buy our 150 meters or 250 meters Bosch range finder, the restaurant will be a complimentary complimentary reflective stickers.

GLM 250 VF Professional Edition

Bosch handheld laser range finder 250 meters

GLM 250 VF Professional

- 250 meters within the error of plus or minus one millimeter

Technical Advisory: Allen Tel: 13921662733

250 m host x1 units, original coat x1, wrist rope x1, Manual x1 copies, warranty card x1 copies,

Alkaline battery # 7 x4

Germany original Bosch BOSCH tripod BS 150 Professional As an option,

It is strongly recommended to use a machine with a measuring distance of 150 m or more

This electronic manual due to copyright issues, please directly on the Bosch official website to download, the specific URL can ask guest, thank you!