"Fanny poem" | Night Shanghai | Old Shanghai collection | New vinyl LP ciphertext | Gramophone special

"Fanny poem" | Night Shanghai | Old Shanghai collection | New vinyl LP ciphertext | Gramophone special

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  • Brands: Fennessy / Tiffany poetry
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Vinyl records, has a centuries-old art treasure,

It recorded nearly a century of musical elegance

Until the advent of cassette eighties, nineties CD capture the market,

In recent years, wave to MP3 invincible,

Vinyl gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared sense on the ground.

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for nostalgia,

I miss the good old days and old record player on a lengthy rotation

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for listening,

Music in the Digital Age is less than the total of its warm, rich mellow reverberation

Perhaps all this I do not know more about the music relates nostalgia,

More vinyl records relating manifested attitude to life behind

Version ceremony broadcast program, practical touch,

Cover design vision and the unique flavor comes along years

The vinyl records carefully extracted from the envelope you,

Watching the needle with the ups and downs of the record Engraving

Listening to vinyl records can be an attitude to life,

Slow, delicate, elegant aesthetics listening

We would like to carefully pick out the vinyl version name engraved Collection,

To reverberate in your ears, light up your life


We heard the sounds of nature singing View starry - "Shanghai oldies" Time to create eternal beauty

1927, is generally considered Chinese pop songs on the birth of modern Chinese history as a thriving international city earliest. - Shanghai, China became one of the birthplace of pop music in the last century, three, four 1980s, China's first pop music ushered in a golden period.

Shanghai is the backbone of Chinese pop music, and set to become a creation, performance, recording and production headquarters of Chinese pop music publication and distribution in Shanghai at that time, a group of outstanding talented musicians emerged, many with distant subjects, style different song from here and come out in the country and pop sung in Shanghai songs on the general tendency, reflecting the sense of life of urban citizens semifeudal and semicolonial society with aesthetic taste, is the expression of their thoughts, psychological, feelings, desires and fantasies, which is the largest number of aesthetic psychology cater to the public sectors for the purpose of highly popular love song of life.

In the era of the Chinese pop music for the first time to shine, and single-handedly founded by the Li Jinhui 'moon society' is recognized as the cradle of Chinese pop music. It is the continuation of a long time to cultivate more talents, more creative tracks, and sung by many people can say, 'moon society' artists who with their perfect interpretation of the wonderful song singing the first golden age of Chinese pop music in the last century on the beach forties have five after the song - 'after the bass song' 'golden voice' Zhou Xuan 'silver voice' Yao Li, generation 'Enchantress' white, Wu Yingyin 'radio Queen' Zhang Lu; at the same time, the singer said that there are seven - Zhou Xuan, Bai, white, Gong Qiuxia, Yao Li, rainbow Leung, Wu Yingyin. They build with their singing Chinese pop music's first monument, write a paragraph in Shanghai culture gorgeous music.

This "Night Shanghai - Shanghai oldies collection" in "Shanghai oldies" based China Record Shanghai Corporation published on production in the last century for three to four years in Shanghai songs album was re-cleaning of metal stencil , chose 12 representative in the "Shanghai oldies" songs, songs use audio workstation master repair, try to remove the noise, to be appropriately modified to enhance appreciation while maintaining the original premise.

The album's tone comes from China Record Shanghai Corporation version of the audio library of valuable historical, worthy of your collection of a lifetime. I believe this album is not just the voice transmission data, but also reflects the Shanghai charm. Let us with old old song, slowly close your eyes, once again returned to the lanterns, bright neon old Shanghai night.

(Track description)

"Night Shanghai - Shanghai oldies collection"


1. Night in Shanghai (Zhou Xuan) The Night Of Shanghai

2. If you do not (white) If Without You

3. I want your love (Zhang Lu) I Want Your Love

4. Wandering Songstress (Zhou Xuan) The Wandering Songstress

5. You're beautiful (Zhang Lu) You Are Such a Beauty

6. Evening Primrose (Rainbow Leung) Evening Primrose


1. Come Again (Zhou Xuan) When Will You Return

2. Rose Rose I Love You (Yao Li) Rose Rose I love you

3. Good Spring Night (Wu Yingyin) Good Time

4. waiting for you to come back (white) Wait For Your Return

5. The four seasons (Zhou Xuan) Seasons Song

6. Which is not sentimental (Yao Li) Everybody Is Affectionat

The engraved vinyl record, sound sources are collected from China Record Shanghai Corporation archived recorded in metal form of the twentieth century thirty-four years.

Accompanying libretto after each lyrics notes have every song sound source template number associated record number, recording date, and date of publication are derived from the record company then left the original records. In order to obtain the most perfect presentation of the vinyl sheets engraved, China Record Shanghai Corporation hesitate to invest heavily, a sound source went to Germany, inviting internationally renowned manufacturers fever 'Tiger Fish' (Pauler Acoustics studio) as a post-processing, in addition to the use of advanced audio noise reduction technology, try to remove due to age, corrosion and noise generated by the template, but without making any processing.

Thus, the audience is presented to half a century ago the original authentic sound effects, and then cross the German tablet maker Pallas Group with the highest quality HQ180 gram virgin vinyl pressing of the highest quality.For quality and sound quality version of the highly adhere only to present the best music, dedicated to my dear audiophiles