Antarctic people snag-proof thick pantyhose plus velvet plus size black slim warm Leggings for fall/winter socks with feet

Antarctic people snag-proof thick pantyhose plus velvet plus size black slim warm Leggings for fall/winter socks with feet

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the spring of 2016
  • Even numbers: 1 pair
  • Brand: Antarctic people
  • Style number: NJR121
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: polyurethane elastic fiber polyester fiber 94% (spandex) 6%
  • Color classification: 8000D black 8000D coffee even pants black pants grey colour even pants Trousers Navy Blue rompers coffee and even black toe skin Pant wine red stepped on foot pedal grey toe blue foot Lady toe even drinks red pants black pants grey pants Lady even-piece pants green step had trodden black black colour foot black foot skin
  • Size: 8000D velvet padded rompers, "-5-7" 2200D skinny legs thin fleece rompers "5-13 c" 2200D skinny legs thin velvet foot "5 ℃-13" 2200D increase hip thin Velvet "5-13 c" 1200D single-layer thin cashmere panty "6-16 c" not custom boutique 680D hosiery "8-18 c"
  • Cylinder height: rompers
  • Thickness: thickened
  • Crotch-style: double-sided and crotch
  • Fabric material: Velvet
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Garment details: shiny silk silver/green onions/Pearl
  • Function uses socks: leg shape
  • Style: sexy
  • Applying gender: female
  • For seasons: winter

Buyers in order to recognize:

You feeling comfortable to wear in the winter!

You show thin slim vision!

You Joker!


Do not believe the same, low price, same quality ' nonsense! Otherwise it's too late

Antarctic NPC card quality

Solemn promise: no reason, within 15 days, don't like it, feel free to return!

This warm one's pants is 2016 fashion

Wild colors, fabrics, comfortable and breathable upper body slim slim

Home and leisure, everyday wear, outing for

High end fabrics, high elasticity, soft, warm, bright colors

Simplicity without losing details

Really good quality, cost-effective!

Word of advice: 8000D in ~-7-5 ℃ ℃ with a worn, 2200D 5 c ~13 c a single wear, 1200D 6 c ~16 c a single wear . Each degree of cold hardiness of different, so Sakura m recommended for informational purposes only.

Antarctic people 1200D-2200D products, main ingredients in order: nylon and spandex, Antarctic people more suppliers, factory production batch number will be different, but the material is the same, and composition will vary, in particular to receive packaged ingredients in order to prevail in kind! (Order part number components of the following)

Ingredients: 1200D rompers/nine/foot (NYZ9280): polyester spandex 94% 6%

Composition II: 1200D rompers (NYZ8261) 1200 foot (NYZ9289): leg: polyester spandex 92% 8%

1200D rompers: legs: polyester spandex 91.1% 8.9%

2200D rompers (NYZ8517): nylon spandex 89% 11%

2200D pedal (NYZ8519): nylon spandex 89% 11%

2200D fertilizer increases (NYZ8520/8521): nylon spandex 89% 11%

120D pantyhose (NYZ8276): nylon spandex 90.9% 9.1%

120D tummy hip (NYZ8277/NYZ120-1): nylon spandex 90.9% 9.1%

120D more wide-body pantyhose (NYZ8513): nylon spandex 90.9% 9.1%

3800D rompers (NYZ8525): viscose 50% Spandex 7.4% Polyester fiber 42.6%

8000D rompers (NYZ1110): surface: nylon spandex 85.6% 14.4% middle layer: nylon 90.4% 9.6% spandex lining: polyester fibers 100%