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Women's menstrual care mattress | medium 10 piece / bag X3 bag

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Purcotton / cotton era
  • Series: nursing pad
  • Model: 804-000009
  • Size: 60cmx60cm
  • Number: 6 and above

  • Product specifications
  • Product Name: menstrual care pad 3 bags
  • Item No .: 800-002205
  • Size: 60cmX60cm
  • Material: natural high-quality cotton
  • Packing: 10 pieces / bag x3
  • Weight: 650 ± 10g / bag
  • product description
  • Cotton surface, not falling Xu, soft breathable, pro-skin paste.
  • PE film impermeable leak-proof, protect the skin dry and natural.
  • Natural cotton surface, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly breathable.

  • Effective barrier to the bottom, security anti-leakage, Ms. menstruation, postpartum and incontinent persons available.
  • Instructions
  • Hospital operation, gynecological examination, maternal care, child care, paralysis patients, incontinence, mobility, women's menstruation, couples sex, travel, pet ideal disposable hygiene products.Use simple, clean, soft, Moisture and leak-proof effect, it can not only ensure the user's body dry and comfortable, to prevent dirty sheets, mattresses, to reduce the user, between users and caregivers the possibility of cross-infection, but also reduce health care workers and family members Of the workload, from the pain of the daily exchange of sheets, hospitals, home care is the ideal product.