The original authentic | DELL speakers | Dell laptop desktop audio AX210 | Stereo effect

The original authentic | DELL speakers | Dell laptop desktop audio AX210 | Stereo effect

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dell/Dell
  • Model: AX210
  • Item no: AX210
  • Color category: black genuine licensed IWS

Official 59 109 store sale

Note: stereo speakers do not feel the same way, Oh

Enjoy DELL, Dell OEM genuine licensed independent order nationwide door-to-door service. (Please don't take more than 2-30 yuan of fake price compared with our genuine licensed, penny stock, our prices have to do with the industry the lowest, no longer accepts any form of bargaining, please forgive me!)

Q: do you have AX210 is genuine? How about performance?
Answer: authentic licensed. Speakers are USB powered, all Dell desktops are equipped with speakers are furnished with this product, Dell officially priced at 109.
Current Taobao AX210 speakers on most price ranges from 20 to more than 30 yuan, slightly lower than the authentic centimeters, also fine.

After-sales service: 800 onsite Exchange service through 3C. Independent orders, ensure the original brand new, original packaging unopened licensed!

Magnetically shielded, plug 3.5mm, notebook, PC, Walkman, MP3, MAC, IPOD, DVD, CD and so on.

Type of the products: Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Each speaker with packing weight 700 g

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Dell Dell AX210 is Dell's high-end computer accessory speaker, is following the A225 classic products. Dell AX210 multimedia speaker gives the first impression is fine, compact. Speaker appearance with dark designs, temperament is very noble. Small learned that the product is selling well, is absolutely portable and home mini mini speaker preferred, interested friends can go to look.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 speakers by DELL as a whole has been composed of silver and black style, stylish, compact, rounded styling make it smaller without losing the company's steady temperament.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 multimedia speaker volume adjustment switch at the top.

Dell AX210 multimedia speaker profile

Dell AX210 back multimedia speaker

Dell AX210 speaker is by it of former who A215 design changes and to, and yiqian of A215 maximum of difference is AX210 is is USB power of, now of computer has too more of USB mouth, such of design can full using computer of existing interface resources, without more occupy a power socket, more up to has energy-saving and environmental of role, called human and environmental design both.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 speakers sound ordinary, after all, is a small speaker cannot ask too much, but given its size, workmanship, as well as through USB powered design, its sound performance in similar products have been considerably better, modern strong sound quality, relevance to fashion scales. Dell AX210 speaker Petite, excellent workmanship, surging sound, bass than the A225 improved significantly. Completely antimagnetic design, audio input plug 3.5 using USB power interface power supply.

Why Dell this amp model AX210, Dell officials for its formal offer to more than 300 yuan, poor workmanship, no low grade.

This is a portable speaker 2.0-channel architecture, medium to small in size, column-like fashion design, metal mesh hood, looks full of texture, very delicate.

From the side view, the semblance of chic and elegant in its design, simplicity of line processing capable.

At the top of the volume knob with speakers well into what a whole, it also serves as a speaker switch function. Turns damp feeling good, very easy to operate.

Close-up on the back, left and right dual mono design, the layout is reasonable.

Provides a USB interface, is undoubtedly the best option for laptop users.