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Original authentic | DELL speakers | Dell notebook desktop stereo AX210 | stereo effect

Original authentic | DELL speakers | Dell notebook desktop stereo AX210 | stereo effect
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Model: AX210
  • Item: ax210
  • Color classification: black genuine licensed global UNPROFOR

Official 109 yuan shop 59 yuan special sales

Note: stereo speakers do not feel the same Oh

(Please do not take other 2-30 yuan fake goods and our genuine licensed comparison price, a penny of goods, our prices have been done with the same price of DELL. The industry is the lowest, no longer accept any form of bargaining, please understand!)

Q: Are your AX210 genuine?
A: Genuine licensed. Speaker is USB-powered, all Dell's desktop machine with the words are equipped with this product, Dell official price of 109 yuan.
Taobao AX210 speakers on the current majority, the price from 20 to 30 yuan range, slightly lower than the original about a centimeter, but also smaller.

After-sales service: 800 home replacement service, through the 3C certification. Independent order number, to ensure that the original new, the original packaging is not opened licensed!

Full anti-magnetic, 3.5mm plug, can take the notebook, PC, Walkman, MP3, MAC, IPOD, DVD, CD machine.

Product number: Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Each speaker with a package weight of about 700 grams

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Dell Dell AX210 is Dell's high-end computer supporting speakers, is the second after the classic A225 classic. Dell AX210 multimedia speakers give the first impression is exquisite workmanship, the appearance of small speakers with dark black design, temperament is very noble. Understand that the product is selling, is definitely a notebook and home console mini small speaker preferred, interested friends can go to see the next.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 speaker by the DELL has always been the composition of the silver-black style, stylish, compact, rounded shape makes it small and yet large companies stable temperament.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

The volume adjustment switch at the top of the Dell AX210 multimedia speakers.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers side

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers on the back

Dell AX210 speaker is its predecessor A215 design changes from the previous A215 biggest difference is that the AX210 is USB powered, and now the computer has too much USB port, this design can make full use of the computer's existing Interface resources, no need to occupy a power outlet, but also played a role in energy conservation and environmental protection, called human and environmental design both.

Dell AX210 multimedia speakers

Dell AX210 speaker sound quality performance, after all, is a small speaker can not ask too much, but taking into account its size, workmanship, and through the USB power supply design, its voice performance in similar products have been quite good, Dell AX210 speaker body petite, work well, the sound surging, bass improved than the A225. Full anti-magnetic design, 3.5 audio input plug, using USB power interface power supply.

Dell this speaker model AX210, Dell officially on its official offer to more than 300 yuan, work is not bad, grade is not low.

This is a 2.0-channel architecture of the portable speakers, the volume is small, vertical column shape design, all metal mesh, looks full of texture, very fine.

From the side, its design also looks chic and elegant, simple and concise lines.

The top of the volume knob and the speaker is a good blend of a whole, it also serves as a speaker switch function. The rotation of the sense of good sense of damping, operation is quite easy.

Back close-up, left and right two-channel design, layout is reasonable.

Provides a USB interface, is undoubtedly the best choice for laptop users.