Convenient Raspberry Pi 3 family of robot kits | Raspberry pie 3 generation kits | With touch screen

Convenient Raspberry Pi 3 family of robot kits | Raspberry pie 3 generation kits | With touch screen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RobotBase/convenient robot
  • Model: RB-13K116A+RB-05L020
  • Model: RB-13K116B+RB-05L020
  • Size: 35x22x92cm
  • Color: Raspberry Raspberry 3 generation family suite with 3 generations of my family Suite + programming primer

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    Single order 199Yuan, State reduction 5Yuan;
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    Single order 599Yuan, Free email Do not pack: including Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet, Xinjiang, overseas;

Strong the raspberry suite upgrade! Why raspberry Pie 2 version upgrade , For generation 2 controller adds WiFi and Bluetooth functionality, increased performance up a notch!

Raspberry pie lovers big Hui (Raspberry pie family Starter Kit)

Convenient benefits 1: we offer raspberry teaching website!
Convenient welfare 2: we provide raspberries technical forum!
Convenient welfare 3: we offer communications group and look forward to your joining together to learn and progress!
Convenient welfare 4: try raspberry pie we provide teaching materials read eBooks
Convenient benefits 5: we offer raspberry pie tutorial
Give regular Publisher of the falls in love with Raspberry Pi paper textbooks!

(Customers who need information, you can contact online customer service)

Raspberry Pi (Chinese name in order to ' raspberry ', abbreviated why RPi, or RasPi/RPi) parable that is designed for computer programming education for students only credit card sized card computer whose system based on Linux. By Matt Richardson, mediated by the falls in love with Raspberry Pi for the zero-based for beginners, the book is concise, Raspberry Pi is described in detail combinations of hardware and operating systems use, grammar explanations from Board presentation of the operating system, and then how to With Arduino AC Cross-application, illustrations, from the lead developer, in-depth analysis of the current popular applications step by step, has a strong practice, there is a treasure trove of program code.

Falls in love with Raspberry why Pi family suites are convenient robot raspberry pie lovers carefully crafted an entry-level Kit, containing raspberry PI controller and basic accessories. Even if you do not come into contact with raspberry pie, or don't know what raspberry pie, you can still follow the complete step by step kit materials of raspberry pie controller operation. You can use raspberry PI controller is available in the latest release of millet on the TV show, and a handheld wireless touchpad keyboard operation. Raspberry HD 7 inch touch-screen LCD, suites with cable system SD card (burn programs in advance), power adapter, video cable, Mirco USB cable, heat sinks and other necessary basic accessories.

Convenient preference-giant robots back to new and old customers! Benefits fans of raspberry, raspberry Suite power upgrades, raspberry Pie 2 generation upgrade why, AV line upgrades in order toDouble end HDMI cable 8G memory card upgrade order16G. 7-inch LCD screen replacement , Large-screen displays, 800*480 resolution, and Supporting the use of touch features, HDMI, Mini USB interface, cost-effective. ~ Buy family Starter Kit, is your best choice! What are guys waiting, snapped up immediately begin!!

7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen LCD HD monitors used with the raspberry pie 3 generation controllers can support touch!

Comprehensive upgrade

Raspberry pie 3 generation controller specifications:

1. product name: falling in love with Raspberry Pi 3 family Starter Kit 7-inch LCD screen (touch screen)
2. product number: RB-13K116A +RB-05L020
3. Control: Raspberry Pi 3
4. product weight: 2.4kg
Raspberry Pi 3 controller parameters:
Quad-Core 1.CPU:1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit ARMv8 processor
2.WiFi features: onboard BCM43143 WiFi
3. Bluetooth function: low power Bluetooth onboard (BLE)
4. memory: 1GB MB RAM
5.4 USB 2-port
6.40 pin extended GPIO
7.HDMI and RCA video output
8.4 stereo output and composite video ports
9. full size HDMI
10.CSI camera port is used to connect the raspberry pie camera
11.DSI display ports are used to connect the raspberry pie touch-screen display
12. micro SD port, to download the operating system and the storage data
13. micro USB power supply switch, up to 2.5A

Raspberry pie family distribution list:

1. upgrade list loves Raspberry Pi3 Starter Kit (see appendix)

2. raspberry pie seven-inch HD LCD display (new)

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