Dell Inspiron 14 - inch notebook 3000 5000 keyboard protective film 5458 5457 7447 5459

Dell Inspiron 14 - inch notebook 3000 5000 keyboard protective film 5458 5457 7447 5459

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Espl / liter send
  • Color Type: Full Color Black - Message Type Full Color Blue - Message Type Full Color White - Message Type Black Translucent - Message Type Blue Semi Translucent - Message Type Green Translucent - Message Type Purple Semi Translucent - Message Type Pink Semi Permeability - Message Type Red - Message Type White Translucent - Message Type Gradient Powder - Message Type Gradient Green - Message Type Gradient Blue - Message Type Gradient Purple - Message Type Colorful Black - Message Type Colorful Translucent - Message Model Transparent - Message Model
  • Item: 14MD

Suitable for 14-inch Dell specific models (keyboard for the black models, if the silver keyboard is 14HR 7000 different shapes please note)

Ling Yue 14 3446/3447/3442/5442, 14C, Ling Yue 14 3000 series, 5000 series 2014 production, 14MR, 14MD, 14M, 5447, M3441R, 14CR, 14LR
Ling Yue 14 You Xiang 7000 series, the more the spirit of 14 7000-7447,

Keyboard prototype as shown below

Well, the keyboard has the impression to take a look at our real shot product map it!

*Silicone material, waterproof, dustproof, notebook essential single product!

*Exclusive model three-dimensional design, the use of non-shift, fully close fit the keyboard

*Convex key-bit one-to-one correspondence, And notebook keys can be a perfect fit

*The color of the keyboard membrane are printed letters , Allows you to clearly see the symbols on the keyboard, typing does not affect

Pure white

*Radiation protection, can absorb the computer through the keyboard residual radiation

Warm The tender pink is more tender than the photo

*Wrinkle-free design, can be folded at will not leave creases, allowing you to carry or wash more convenient.

Classic solemn black

*Tightly fit on the keyboard surface without affecting the keyboard operation

Festive red (Enthusiasm, Benming)

*Waterproof material, so you do not have to worry about the beverage spilled into the keyboard spoiled and damaged notebook.

Warm orange

* Dust and anti-dirty, to avoid dust, soot, biscuits crumbs fall into the keyboard and affect the life of the keyboard.

The wide and quiet sea blue

*Easy to clean, direct flushing, a little soft rub on the clean, and so dry can be reused.

Fresh green apple green

* Soft touch, non-slip surface features, allowing you to type more easily, ultra-thin design, does not affect the laptop off.

Bright red rose

*Tap the keyboard to reduce the sound, effectively reduce noise ,Does not affect the roommate rest

Metallic silver

Lavender lavender