Wear-resistant mechanical measuring wheel 319 rangefinder | Distance measuring wheel feet fold | Push-type meter wheel range rod

Wear-resistant mechanical measuring wheel 319 rangefinder | Distance measuring wheel feet fold | Push-type meter wheel range rod

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon
  • Model number: 319
  • Item no: 319
  • Color category: measuring wheel measuring wheel opening documents Cape tickets
  • The decoration and construction: purchase the main material
  • Works: mechanical
  • Ranging: 0-99999.9 m

This product features: on-board measurement and hand measurements, measurement accuracy, rugged solid, waterproof protection, Super wear-resistant, suitable for plain and rugged surface measurement; Foldable, easy to carry.

Wheel diameter 318mm, turn around a meter/Wheel measuring cm tick Oh!

Special reminder: When measuring, please Open the handle, slide the Green sleeve locks handle , Hand stems can pinned Oh!

Description:Parameters: 1. accuracy: 99.6% above 2. wheel diameter: 318 mm

3. open total height: 1.0 m 4. after folding length: 0.55 m

5. net weight: 2.3 kg 6. measuring range: 0-99999.9 m

This products is a paragraph clock full terrain General round type ranging instrument, has using simple, carry convenient, measurement precision, price low, structure substantial, durable, features, not only can proceed push using, also can for car super long measurement, maximum can once measurement 100 km of distance, is currently world Shang ranging capacity maximum of round type ranging instrument, operation very convenient, function complete, work elegant, deeply world States user, especially Europe customer of love. Products are mainly used in real estate development, surveying, road construction, cabling, stadium signs and markings, farmland, green scenery and incident investigation and so on, is the best alternative to leather tape measure over long distances.

To use: open the handle and sliding joints that lock the handle, put the kickstand can be used. Why the accurate measurement and before the introduction please be sure to press the counter back to zero on the left button, the counter goes to zero. After using it, go back to the kickstand, then sliding joints, folding handles, back on the laptop bag.

1. our products have an advantage over electronic measuring wheel, unlike electronic measuring wheel under the influence of weather temperature, perfect for any weather and more importantly also normally measured on a rainy day!

2, we will not cut corners! Products using metal bearings and plastic more extended the service life of the product and measurement accuracy.

3, thick Super abrasion wheels fully able to stand the test of rugged mountain, not like those imitation as a rugged road measuring wheel becomes pitted, resulting in inaccurate data.