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ORICO multi-port USB plug-in board millet mobile phone charger outlet travel patch panel mini portable smart plug

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Orico / Orcore
  • Plug function: anti-leakage plug
  • Length: 1m
  • Application scenarios: media and entertainment
  • Color Category: Mini Edition Creative Edition

This small row of plug can help you solve the problem of charging equipment

User evaluation from the real


Now more and more high quality of life, plus a lot of leave, travel has become one of the family activities, travel is bound to bring some electronic products, such as mobile phones, pad, digital cameras, so there are new problems , So many electronic products, charging becomes a problem, not every product with a charging head, then how to solve the charging problem? This small row of plug may give you some help.

Packaging using white and green design, the front is the EPC-2A3U logo, looks very simple.

The back of the package is related data, three USB charging holes, two standard international jack, LED indicator, etc. It is not difficult to see, a small row of intelligent modules also.

So petite 2A3U is designed for desktop digital devices.The 2A3U design is very small, suitable for desktop and portable use or on the bed, night to the phone or watch charging.

Two GB plugs are also designed with security doors, do not look so small body, rated power is as high as 2500W, consider the portability, while valuable smart products escort.

The upper left corner listed ORICO logo, while the design of the cable

EPC-2A3U has three USB interface, which is considering there will be more intelligent digital devices, 2A3U built-in intelligent charging module can intelligently identify the charging device, according to the load regulation output, maximum support single-port 2.4A output, mobile phone can easily get .

2A3U how compact, take a look at this, the size of the palm, go to which are not related, as well as sleek design, fine public service, so for desktop charging, travel to carry, this one is more appropriate.

As for the LED instructions, right, the same design in the USB interface.

Single port 1A device charging, that is commonly used in mobile phones, 5.06V-0.91A and the power adapter output the same, which is the same as the power adapter output, this test A score is like.

Single-port 2A device? That is commonly used pad charging, output up to 5.11V-1.59A, the same power adapter output is almost the same, single-port charging performance is very satisfactory.

3 together on the time, 1A equipment can also be normal charging, but the 2A device can not be properly charged, the total output of the USB module is 5V-3A maximum, so I want to charge side of the cell phone pad, it can only use the GB plug Hole out.

Dismantling Take a look at the internal structure, with 4 Phillips screw, it is easy to unscrew the screw, but the back shell is embedded design, want to open or some difficult.

Open look, one piece of copper in parallel design, the distance between the jack or some large, the thickness of copper or some, the use of security is guaranteed

USB charging module, the maximum output can only reach 5V-3A, perhaps the size limit, the overall internal space is limited, convenient but also take into account security.

The EPC-2A3U design is very small, suitable for bed, go out and so on, plus the overall output is limited, it is convenient to use, security is also guaranteed, only 39 yuan price, it is very cost-effective, Play in bed mobile phone, buy a bar, the desktop is also good up again.