ORICO creative multi port USB Strip phone charging socket mini travel power strip the Smart Strip

ORICO creative multi port USB Strip phone charging socket mini travel power strip the Smart Strip

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Orico/Sage
  • Plug feature: leakage protection plug
  • Cord length: 1M
  • Application scenario: media and entertainment
  • Color: white + send send Android Apple dual-use cord white + *1 Type-C cord *1

This plug can help you solve charging problem

From netizens evaluation


Now more and higher quality of life, plus a variety of vacation travel, also became one of the family, will inevitably bring some electronic products, such as mobile phones, pad, digital cameras, and so on, so that you have a new question, so much Electronics is the issue, not every product with a charging header. So how to solve charging problem? This plug may be able to give you some help.

Packaging with white-and-green design, positive is a sign of EPC-2A3U, seems very simple.

Packaging is related to back data, 3 USB charging hole, 2 standard international Sockets, LED indicators, and so on. Is not difficult to see that little plug intelligent module.

So Petite 2A3U is designed for desktop digital devices. 2A3U design is very compact, suitable for use in desktop and carrying or on the bed at night to recharge mobile phones or watches.

Two standard Jack also designed with security doors, although such a small body, power rating up to 2500W, consider the carrying capacity, at the same time in order to protect valuable intelligence products.

Listed ORICO logo in top left corner, designed with connectors

EPC-2A3U has three USB interfaces, which is considered more intelligent digital equipment, 2A3U built-in intelligent power module, can charge identification equipment, according to the load control output, maximum port 2.4A, mobile tablets are easy to get.

How small is 2A3U, look at this, Palm size, go to where it doesn't matter, but also has a sleek design, exquisite public, so charging for desktop, travel, why this is a more appropriate.

LED instruction, same design close to the USB interface.

Small plug, what about performance? Data very well, real-life test reinstate persuasive, simply test it out. Port 1A charging, or phone, 5.06V-0.91A the power adapter to the output the same, this is fabulous.

Port 2A equipment? Is commonly used in charging pad, output up to 5.11V-1.59A, the same with the power adapter output difference now, port charge performance is very satisfactory.

When on three, 1 a device can also be a normal charging, but 2A device not charging properly, maximum total output USB module is 5V-3A, so I want to charge it charging pad, that can only use standard Jack.

Dismantling the internal structure, using 4 Phillips screws, very easy unscrew screws, but the back shell is the use of embedded design, wants to open was difficult.

After opening, one-piece copper parallel design, Jack is the distance between some large, copper thickness is, safe and guaranteed

USB charging module, maximum output can reach 5V-3A, perhaps the size limit, within the overall space is limited, also taking into account security.

EPC-2A3U design as a whole is very small, making them suitable for bed, out of use, the overall output is limited, it is very easy to use, safe and guaranteed, only 39 per cent of the price, they are cost-effective, want to lay in bed and play phone, buy a desktop and it is also a good.