Food cooked food processing machine metal needle stainless steel fine residual seizure | fine particles of metal detectors

Food cooked food processing machine metal needle stainless steel fine residual seizure | fine particles of metal detectors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: TIANXUN
  • Model: jz-6600

This is particularly applicable in the corporate machine needle manufacturers use
Meet customer needs and the following features:
1. The test can be completed audits

2. Meet the manufacturer GMP, HACCP and other requirements

3. ISO22000 meet legal and regulatory requirements

4. meet FDA inspection requirements

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First, the machine uses:

1, detection of food, medicines and other products in the industry of metal impurities, ensure no metal contamination and provide a reliable quality assurance;

2, testing textiles, clothing, toys and other products in the industry of metal impurities, to ensure that products without metal contamination, provide a reliable quality assurance.

3, the remaining metal impurities detection products, the protection of life safety, improve work efficiency.

4, the detection object: raw materials, semi-finished or finished mixed with iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other fine metal particles foreign body

Second, characteristics:

1, the machine uses German professional detection probes, phase adjustment technology, can effectively inhibit product effect, detection with high accuracy, stable and reliable.
2, this metal detector for the metal contaminant in the product mix has high detection sensitivity; can be easily detected in the product mix of common metal impurities,
Such as broken needles, nails, needle, blade fragments, copper wire, aluminum wire and other metal impurities.

3, the whole machine made of stainless steel, sophisticated technology, the machine has excellent waterproof performance.

4, the whole structure design science, easy detachable rack, user-friendly cleaning; rack with casters, user-friendly mobile.
5, automatic conveyor belt machines specially designed for the import of white special conveyor belt, conveyor, conveyor belt to avoid deviation, durable.
6, when the metal detector to detect metallic foreign body through, it will automatically shut down, with sound and light alarm signal can also be an external alarm device.

7, high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms to improve the detection accuracy and stability.

8, LCD screen LCD display, Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese menu screen, easy man-machine dialogue operation.

9, intelligent self-learning function.

10, with memory function, support a variety of different products, product storage parameters can be adapted to more product groups.

Third, the technical parameters:

Model Model

Metal Detection

Size (width cm)




Detection width




Belt Width




Highly effective detection hole

150nn or 200mm

150mm or 200mm

150mm or 200mm

Testing standards (non-standard can be customized)

Fe (iron) ≥ø1.0mm; Fe≥ø1.2-1.5mm;

Sus (stainless steel) ≥ø 2.0-2.5mm; Sus≥ø 2.5-3.0mm

NON-Fe (non-ferrous) ≥ø 1.5-2.0mm; NON-Fe≥ø 2.0-2.5mm



Total power


Transmission speed

25m / min

Transmission capacity



Audible alarm

Total Weight


Fourth, the relevant data:

1, 40 cm wide and 15 cm height Overall dimensions 1400 * 780 * 950

Detection sensitivity of iron (Fe) 1.0mm, non-ferrous (NON-FE) 1.5-2.0mm

2, 50 cm wide and 20 cm height Overall dimensions 1400 * 880 * 1000

Detection sensitivity of iron (Fe) 1.2-1.5mm, non-ferrous (NON-FE) 2.0-2.5mm

40 cm width of the machine conveyor width 35 cm, 50 cm width 45 cm width of the machine conveyor