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Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qiao Nuoyi
  • Color classification: upgrade version with a cookie +12 flower mold +6 flower mouth
  • Item: Cookie Cooker

Product Name: Cookie Cooker

made in China

Material: ABS resin

Specifications: Height 22cm transparent barrel body 15cm Cookie Die Diameter 5cm thickness 2.6mm Biaohua mouth bottom diameter 5cm

Accessories: Cookie +12 fancy cookies + 6 Biaohua mouth mold

Please note:


1. Baking pan to use when you keep dry, do not have to shop paper, or bad mold release. Cookies directly on the baking mat or baking pan effect will be better. So that it is easy to release.

2. Should not be high temperature or hot water immersion Cookie gun, plastic materials, high temperature deformation.

3.Cookies made homemade cookies a little difficult, need some patience, a failure to give up, we recommend buying Biaohuabiao + Biaohuazui combination to produce, so that the success rate of high Oh


Production formula: (the success rate is generally high formula, do not arbitrarily replace the material, or we do not guarantee success Oh)

Cookies produced by the recipe and online routine Biaohua mouth formula is different, special attention Oh, if you want to use online recipes, please replace the Biaohuazui, do not use Huapian squeeze Oh

80 g of salt-free animal butter, 50 g of powdered sugar, 60 ml of light cream, 110 g of low-gluten flour, 8 g of corn starch

Production Method:

1. After the butter is softened at room temperature, pour in the sugar powder and stir well

2. Whisk the whiskey on the mixture and whisk the butter

3. Minute 2~3Add whipped cream and whisk it evenly with an eggbeater. Always wait for butter and light cream to blend in perfectly once.

4. butter must be completely mixed with the light cream, no separation of the phenomenon, in the butter paste into the low-gluten flour and corn starch, Mix the flour and butter paste with a rubber scraper to form a homogeneous cookie batter

5. Paste well, you can use the appropriate mold into the cake squeezed in the baking tray

6. Put the packed cookies into the preheated oven, 190 ℃ bake about 10 minutes, the surface can be baked gold.