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Dormitory artifact USB stall LED eye protection plug radio lights creative with open bedside computer desk light bulb

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: PYK
  • Model: K7-016A
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Color Category: Plug and Play 'No switch' Single file brightness Dual dimming Promise dimming
  • Suitable for: indoor special lighting
  • Power: 5 7 9
  • Lamp holder connector (lamp type): Others
  • Light color: warm white

Product desciption---

'Name' USB highlight LED lighting
'Light source' high-power LED
'Power cord length' 1.7 m
'Luminous angle' 180 °
'Luminous color' white light, warm light
'Scope' quarters, camping, night markets, and other emergency lighting

-USB interface, for all mobile power and 2A current USB charger! -

DC5V is the DC voltage of 5 V. 5W is the power of 5 watts
(PS: lights 200 hours = 1 kWh, quite provincial, and the light is very bright oh ~)

Note: In China, household electricity is AC 220V, frequency is 50Hz.
It can not be directly used, need to use the power adapter conversion, you can use the computer USB,
Mobile phone USB charging head and mobile power USB output port connected to use.