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Yukon astronomical telescope professional viewing star night vision deep entry 90EQ high-power high-definition students space telescope glasses

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall of 2016
  • Brand: UKON / Yukon
  • made in China
  • The price range: 1000-2000 yuan
  • Astronomical telescope optical system: refraction
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • 3750 times the phone version of the nebula Package V: 3750 times to take the computer recording version of the package Six: 3750 times the phone to take pictures Edition Package III: SLR camera version / message Brand Package IV: : Ultra-full photography feature film version Package VII: high-definition high-power continuous variable package Eighth: 3750 times the ultra-high times Observations Package Nine: Landscape Star Wide View Package 10: ultra-full filter Star Observations Package 11: automatic tracking objects Sports Package 12: Star video affordable version of the package 13: Star Pictures Deluxe Edition Package 14: super full-equipped full-featured full set of equipment
  • Product Number: UK901000