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HP / Hewlett-Packard laptop 15q- aj107TX i7 game this ultrathin laptops 15.6 inches

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: HP / Hewlett-Packard 15q- aj107TX
  • Packaging volume: 38.43 x 25.46 x 2.43 Limi
  • Are PC flat Combo: No
  • Release Type: Chinese mainland
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • Brand: HP / Hewlett-Packard
  • Series: 15q-
  • Model: aj107TX
  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • CPU: i7-6500U
  • Graphics Type: AMD Radeon R5 M230
  • Memory capacity: 2GB
  • Mechanical hard drive capacity: 500GB
  • SSDs: None
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Drive Type: no CD-ROM
  • Applicable scene: Family video, Female orientation, student business office home entertainment
  • Number of lithium batteries: 4-cell lithium battery
  • Service: Genius
  • Color Classification: Silver
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Operating System: windows 10
  • Communication Technology Type: 3G wireless network card
  • Input device: Touching
  • Additional features: HDMI Interface USB 3.0 camera function speaker
  • Package Type: official standard Package A Package II Package III Package IV
  • Condition: New
  • Are Ultrabooks: No
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • If the touch screen: non-touch screen

  • Hewlett-Packard HP 15 package form to form packages prevail.
  • (Default photographed for the official standard, upgrade packages for pro please contact customer service Oh shoot post link!)
Package processor RAM hard disk Dual graphics Resolution Colour Counter price Poly cost
Official standard i7-6500U 4G 500G 2G alone significantly 15.6 inches


* Official Private Customization: Upgrade SSDs / more memory, (Let your love machine Master Lu score burst burst liter liter 2W, rushed boot 10 seconds!)
Upgrading a RAM 4G memory upgrade to 8G memory ¥180
Upgrade two RAM 4G memory upgrade to 16G memory ¥520
Upgrade three hard disk Upgrading the hard disk into the original machinery 240G Solid State Drive ¥300
Upgrade four Hard disk memory + 4G memory upgrade to 8G memory
Upgrading the hard disk into the original machinery 240G Solid State Drive

(68% of players to choose)

  • Notes: 1. (memory upgrade does not affect the national security plan, without prejudice to the national three return services) ~~~~~ For details, please consult customer service]