Digital Clamp Meter VC6050 AC-DC Clamp Meter | Clamp Multimeter High Current Clamp Meter

Digital Clamp Meter VC6050 AC-DC Clamp Meter | Clamp Multimeter High Current Clamp Meter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Victor / Victory
  • Model: VC6050
  • Item No .: VC6050
  • VC6050 plus 9V charging set VC6050 plus 10A original table pen standard +20 A tip +9 V charging package VC6050 plus 20A original table pen VC6050 plus 20A tip table pen VC6050 official standard standard +20 A table pen + 9V charging set Standard + 10A table pen + 9V charging set
  • Decoration and construction content: procurement of the main material

Product number: VICTOR 6050 Operation method: Automatic range
product name: Digital Clamp Meter VICTOR 6050 (AC and DC 2000A) Display digits: 3 3/4 bits
Product Categories: Clamp meter Size: Handheld
special function:


1, Jaws open 55 mm , Easier to use in the cable bundle;

2, Portable design, one-handed operation, easy to use;

3, Clamp with double-layer protective insulation, enhanced anti-jamming;

4, Non-contact measurement, to improve the measurement of safety;

5, Structural design tight and reasonable.

Basic functions


Basic Accuracy

DC voltage

400mV / 4V / 40V / 400V / 1000V


AC voltage

400mV / 4V / 40V / 400V / 750V


Direct current



Alternating current




400Ω / 4kΩ / 40kΩ / 400kΩ / 4MΩ / 40MΩ



40nF / 400nF / 4μF / 40μF / 100μF



5.120 Hz / 51.20 Hz / 512.0 Hz / 5.120 kHz / 51.20 kHz / 512.0 kHz / 100.0 kHz


special function


Diode test

On-off alarm

Low voltage display

Duty cycle

Data retention

reading /Maximum hold

Function protection

input resistance


Sampling frequency


AC frequency response

(50-60) Hz

Operation method

Manual range

Maximum display


Jaws open

55 mm

power supply

9V (6F22)

|one |Like |special |Sign|

body color

body -Dark gray

Body weight

approximately 500g(Batteries included)

Standard accessories

Table pen ,battery ,Instructions ,Certificate of conformity ,Leather box

Standard inner packing

Color box

Outside packing size

465×317×506 mm

Standard Package Quantity


Standard Package Gross Weight

approximately 30kg