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Long has been charged with water injection hot water bottle explosion cartoon plush warm hand Po hand in hand warm water bottle removable wash warm treasure

Product code: -57641100030
Unit price 3.81-5.25$
Sold quantity 10739
Available stock 15409
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Packing volume: 270 * 100 * 180
  • Brand: Top electrical appliances
  • Model: JS
  • Gross weight: 1.5
  • Pink double-meddle (ordinary charging line) pink double-inserted anti-explosive charging brown double-inserted explosion-proof charging gray double-inserted anti-explosive charging purple double-inserted explosion-proof charging orange pillow explosion proof blue pillow explosion proof charging brown pillow explosion-proof charging fat bear purple explosion-proof Charging non-unpickered fat bear blue explosion-proof charge non-unpicked fat bear orange explosion-proof charge non-unpick and fat brown bear explosion-proof charging non-removable orange belt explosion-proof charging gray belt explosion-proof charging brown belt explosion-proof charging purple belt explosion-proof charging red belt explosion-proof charging
  • Hot water bottle type: Rechargeable electric tube hot water bottle
  • Material: velvet

Special Note: should be larger shipments, belt phoenix letter patterns, Long Top electrical random delivery! Specials is a common line charge, hot water bottle built-in explosion-proof!