IKBC C87 C104 German cherry cherry axis | Games mechanical keyboard | White pbt keycap

IKBC C87 C104 German cherry cherry axis | Games mechanical keyboard | White pbt keycap

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: iKBC c87 / c104
  • Packaging volume: 485 * 190 * 55mm
  • Brand: iKBC
  • Model: c87 / c104
  • Package Type: Package A Package II Package III Package IV The official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • GW: 1kg-1.5kg
  • Color Classification: ikbc c87 white black white green axis axis ikbc c87 ikbc c87 white tea green axis axis ikbc c104 white ikbc c104 white tea axis ikbc c104 white black white red shaft axis ikbc c87 ikbc c104 white red axis
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: None
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Have Satisfy: None
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Package One plus keyboard light version of a rainbow lights ice blue lights white lights optional photographed Remarks

Second Edition Package infection keycap frost rainbow Valentine's Day BLUELOVER optional photographed Remarks

Package three for the replacement side engraved keycaps PBT side carved white version only

Package IV is a customized version of Powder

C87 send: the original wire pull key device + ten anti-dust cover non-engraved keycaps +87

Note pro: Light Edition version plus customized infested flour keycaps Edition for personal non-customized version of the keyboard itself quality problems do not accept returned Oh customized version of the Package I Package II Package not receive seven days no reason returned smelly axis infestation minor scratches spots do not feel personal Please also do not support returned like a customized version of the pro-shot would like to make another good oh!

87104 different only numeric keys area there is no difference between FIG some sun 87 or 104 pro can refer to the corresponding 87 or 104 facie

Package one hundred twenty-three versions require custom generally have two to three days only issue about a specific time, please consult customer service!

Package four customized version of C87 Powder

Infection piano paint shell pink keycaps (No backlight) customized version due process is more complex custom time takes a week or so also hope forgive me (Powder keycaps for the hand infection is inevitable minor scratches spots mind carefully shot)

Package three replacement white side engraved keycaps Edition

Package II Infection Sign

87 Remarks photographed color reference numeral 104 and 104 did not infect the same area keys belonging to the key cap hand-infested version inevitably scratches spots mind carefully shot

light ice blue c104 Original keycap Sign a Package

C series of original keycap font is not translucent

Pro can also change the original word keycaps not deductible through keycaps so do not make up the difference for a contact lens replacement purchase another set of words, please inform the customer keycaps

C87 Sign

Official Description