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Detachable has been water injection cartoon charge explosion - proof hot water bottle warm - Po Diannuanbao warm water heaters

Product code: -57142900030
Unit price 4.78-6.86$
Sold quantity 64241
Available stock 1871
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: a warm creative
  • Model: XM-101
  • Color classification: Papa Papa Brown Panda Gray Papa Papa Purple Pizza Husky Black Pajamas Husky Gray Relaxed Bear Pajamas lying yellow villain lying Altman middle lying CC cat Round eyes pink lying in the history of the Di Cubs Lying in the cat lying dragon kitten lying in the black bear lying in the little raccoon T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10
  • Hot water bottle type: Rechargeable electric tube hot water bottle
  • Material: velvet

Carnival to continue to slow inventory of emergency

Now do not buy the winter was slaughtered

Design of Separable Safety and Explosion - proof Auto - power - off Detachable and Washable of Water and Electricity

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2 About the product

Hot water bottle and cartoon plush toys can be opened, Can be cleaned, Very convenient oh. Charging a good power will automatically power off, Safety explosion-proof, Do not worry, the factory has been noted it is good Water delivery, received can be used! Charging time 10 minutes, warm one night!