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Wigs | One Piece | Realistic Thickness Long Five-Card Hairpiece Seamless Hair Extension |

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: GX / Gongxiu Wig C02
  • Brand: GX / Gongxiu wig
  • Wig single product: C02
  • Color classification: 50cm dark brown 50cm light brown 50cm brown black 60cm dark brown 60cm brown black 70cm dark brown 70cm light brown 70cm brown black

Gong Xiu home freshly launched the upgraded version of the straight hair film

To achieve a piece can wear a whole head

Many times after the improvement of more hair, the clip is more solid, more breathable within the network, suitable for wearing this season

New 70cm long version to help you long hair and waist!

Really is a piece of the whole head, more than 20 yuan more than the quality of the day cat.

Gong Xiujia only conscience wig!