5.8G Wireless Router wifi network signal amplifier bidirectional amplifier 2W image transmission transmit

5.8G Wireless Router wifi network signal amplifier bidirectional amplifier 2W image transmission transmit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: corsn
  • Model: 5.8g
  • Network device type: other/other

Product features:

1. achieve industry's first 5.8G 2W bi-directional amplifier, this product adopts famous INNOTION independent design of power amplifier power amplifier design company, its single power up to 30dBm, this product uses two synthesis, synthesis of power up to 33dBm (2W).

2. super high sensitivity, this product is splashed with ultra low noise amplifier with low noise abroad (specific models do not write, close to open), far less than 1dB noise figure NF, why such excellent noise figure of long distance transmission made a contribution.

3. super short detection time, makes products has fast agile of reaction capacity, this products used Avago specifically why WLAN TDD work mode design development of microwave detection tube (specific model on not wrote has, Pro-are can apart see), its super low of sensitivity and super small of parasitic parameter why fast detection provides may, on high-speed rate data achieved real of ' 0 loss ' transmission. Therefore, close to your amplifier using detector tube broadly judge whether it will lower your rate.

4.10W RF switch, RF switch why baby is a core device, also affect the rate of key components. Why this product is splashed by RFMD Inc WLAN RF switch for high power product design and development, and its reaction speed is only 90ns, far less than the General switch.

5. wide operating voltage range: power supply voltage between 6V-18V can be! Adaptation 90% environment for these projects! Other brands of similar products fixed operating voltages such as 5V or 12V, YW2400N Pro uses high efficiency (up to 97%), wide dynamic range, with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, DC-DC converter, voltage range covers a variety of environments, products more resilient.

Unique 4-layer PCB, 3 blind hole design, equivalent to 8 layer PCB technology

The product is designed in order to 5.8GHz the development, in line with the IEEE 802.3af standard bi-directional amplifier. The product with direct sequence (DSSS) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) matches the frequency extension. Using Time Division Duplex (TDD) Quick Microwave detection and linear power amplifier technology, in the case of 802.af wireless equipment to ensure the transport rate constant, greatly extend wireless

  • Frequency band: 5.1~5.8G
  • Working voltage: 6~18V
  • Receive gain: 11dB ± 1
  • Transmit gain: 17dB ± 1
  • Launch input power range: 3~20dBm
  • Emission maximum output power (P1dB): 2W (33dBm)
  • Working current: 12V
  • Noise factor: ≤ 3.0dB
  • Latency: less than 1US
  • Overall dimensions: 103.5mmx78mmx24mm
  • Operating temperature:-40 ¡æ ~+70 ¡æ

Areas of application:

  • Wireless local area network (Wireless LAN) 802.3af access points, the client
  • 5.8GHz WLAN wireless base station
  • 5.8GHz WLAN Wireless Bridge
  • Indoor distributed system (nets), Hopewell road
  • Based on Zigbee, Bluetooth protocol for wireless devices