Chest | Lara Goddess Lanyard | Silicone | Invisible Bra | Wedding Bride |

Chest | Lara Goddess Lanyard | Silicone | Invisible Bra | Wedding Bride |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AOwipe 05271012
  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Brand: AOwipe
  • Whether the mall with the money: No
  • Style number: 05271012
  • Color classification: black complexion
  • Size: A B C D
  • Cup style: 3/4
  • Cup thickness: on the next thin mold cup
  • Cup lining: other
  • Cup lining content: 95% or more
  • Mold Cup Fabric: Silicone
  • Fabric commonly known as: other
  • Shoulder strap style: no strap
  • Hasp rows: the front buckle
  • Insert: No insert
  • Whether the steel ring: no steel ring
  • Bra style: V type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: smooth
  • Function: Invisible
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra Style: Sexy
  • Bra Series: silicone invisible drawing rope models

'Promotional Content': Chest paste category to buy a free shipping, give away Cartoon tape, send Freight insurance , give away 5 yuan Shop voucher;

buy Two pieces to send one (Not limited to the same paragraph , Chest paste category can be, if photographed two different price, send Low price paragraph) , again plus Send large tinplate Underwear storage box 1 piece , And then sent 10 yuan store coupons (the next shopping use). Note : Store coupons in the transaction after the entry into force, buy two get one of the pro-message Remarks to send the third, no message of our random gift.

'This section selling point': Bionic hand, such as angel-like care, cotton fabric, soft breathable, semi-liquid silicone adhesive strong, Easy to clean, to ensure that forty washing After wearing the viscosity, safety and no stimulation.

'Special Note': Many pro-ask us why other people's home is three holes, and our family is Four - hole drawstring design , We will not say that peer is not good, we are in the long-term return visit the customer experience, found four holes Anti-skid and plastic effect To be better, so I would rather spend a process.