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Mini mini power mini three anti-cell phone dual card dual standby ultra-long standby high-quality Bluetooth dial-up Land Rover

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NBEI
  • Model: 6800M
  • Color Category: Army Green Black Blue Yellow Army Green + 4G Memory Card Black + 4G Memory Card Blue + 4G Memory Card Yellow + 4G Memory Card Army Green + 8G Memory Card Black + 8G Memory Card Blue + 8G Memory Card Yellow + 8G memory card

Mobile phone for the mini: Size 10.8cm long, 5cm wide, thick 1.5cm

Note: The machine can only use mobile and Unicom card, do not support the telecommunications card. Telecom card users do not buy.

Quality and stability, low-level earthquake, Low level Anti-fall, anti-general outdoor rain shower (Note: can not soak, can not flush) is a low degree of waterproof, and so on.

WeChat, QQ function can only be used to move or Unicom 2G traffic, you need to install the memory card to use, can only chat, can not send and receive pictures can not enter friends circle and space.

  • Dual SIM , A big card a small card , Please call the memory card update
  • Tyrants 3800 mAh battery
  • High-definition highlight, comfortable button, big speakers (BOX level)
  • flashlight Features , power Bank Features
  • 30 million pixels, mp3, recording, QQ, micro letter , Bluetooth , Bluetooth dialer Self-portrait artifact remote camera , Outgoing radio , Electronic books
  • 200 phone book, 50 pieces of information, vibration
  • Easy to use, easy to use, lunar display (double calendar)

Official standard: Host +3800 mAh battery + Charger + data cable + manual + fine packaging