Computer cloud terminal ST450 / sharing computer / network terminals / mini computer / of thin client

Computer cloud terminal ST450 / sharing computer / network terminals / mini computer / of thin client

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pan wanted
  • Model: ST450
  • Network Equipment Type: computer tractor cards

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Cloud terminal product family has a new member of a series of Hi Tim, this terminal is a completely innovative product, so it had before the terminal with different naming ST 450This reasonably priced cloud terminal products with new high-definition video streaming, high-quality sound input and output as well as the effect of smoother operation, so he combines the characteristics of the terminal, but also with Tell us more realistic as PC Level of Experience So he can be competent office, education, conference rooms, hotel rooms and more extensive applications.

1. Product Overview

ST 450Cloud terminal In recent years, with the ARM Architecture hardware performance geometrically growth benefits of a virtual desktop cloud application has been IT Widely recognized by industry, more strength of the company has increased its investment in cloud terminal technology and the accumulation of products, to the development of his cloud terminal industry by surprise.

This innovative cloud terminal still adhering to the terminal unique easy to manage, low cost, low maintenance, high environmental protection (low power consumption, space saving, no radiation, zero noise) easily a two low and one high characteristics; except beyond this, he has to stick with the low-cost high-performance ARM Architectures and LINUX Core, this only 5WPower consumption and a full patch design lets him continuously 24Hour shutdown operation can still surprise stable and energy-saving; ST450Still used in WINDOWS Universal system RDP Make the agreement more performance optimization, so you do not need very specialized computer knowledge, you can easily deploy hundreds of computer engineering; and its unique 1080PHD video support, high-quality audio input and output, high 32Bit display quality, enough to make you feel more realistic PC Experience level (the host computer WIN7 operating system).

Machine interface, rich sleek aluminum design gives you PC-class visual experience

Product Configuration Table:

II. Advantages

II. Advantages

Excellent full-screen high-definition video playback

Support smooth playback of high-definition video server (server required WIN7 system) Cloud terminal supports up to 1280 * 1024, 1440 * 900 and 1920 * 1080 and XP mainstream display resolution 2003 supports 24-bit color;. WIN7 system support 32-bit color.

The smooth operation of business office

Separate user to surf the Internet, online games and ASP , Skype (instant messaging, This feature is currently only supports Windows 7 system ) , Private E-Mail (private e-mail) and other Internet applications, can also be used Office suite of software, multimedia, and other semi-any Windows application software.

Efficient client management

Server management software that allows you to quickly deploy single or multiple cloud terminal device on the server side, and can view and change client information at any time

A key upgrade solid

Product development team will not give up on the pursuit of new technology, we provide long-term technical updates and more stable system, so that regardless of where you push of a button, they can enjoy the technological innovation

Windows 7 system to achieve lower 32Bit true color, XP and 2003 supports 24-bit color

Cloud terminal To present you a more beautiful picture preview and audio visual effects.

Easy to deploy

Using a Microsoft operating system common to the RDP protocol, without professional requirements that can be completed and the terminal server deployment

Sharing Software

Free shared WINDOWS server operating systems and various software under the operating system installed completely without sublicense, completely genuine, significant savings in the cost of secondary software

High Shelf Audio

A high shelf audio input and output, to enjoy your movies, music and family, colleagues chat language, provides a visual pleasure to enjoy, and voice classrooms, conference rooms, call centers and other scenarios, provide the necessary technical support

UDisk storage

You can use the U disk, mobile hard drives and other external storage devices high-speed USB2.0 interface, log virtual machine.

Network Printing

stand by The internet printer.


Cloud terminal along with VGA interface and HDMI high-definition output interface A cloud terminal device can be connected to different interfaces of two monitors simultaneously. Meet simultaneously access computer monitors, as well as electronic whiteboards, projectors and other needs

Three - Product Image

Application Scenario


With the rapid development of modern information technology, more and more enterprises pay more attention to ease of use for their own organization's information security, manageability and total cost of ownership problems currently faced by enterprises as follows:

The high cost of hardware and software

Many buyers PC The high cost of hardware machines, installed software requires an equal number of license Authorized, further increasing the cost of electricity and the subsequent Upgrading and maintenance of the brain, we need a large amount of financial support.

Management and maintenance difficulties

Staff for computer expertise to master a limited need for professional managers to track maintenance.

Poor security

Greater mobility of employees, company information and data remain in the employees of the machine, there is a big data security risks.

Noise radiated power-hungry

PC machine itself greater power, cooling air-conditioning cooling needs adjustment, the cost of electricity is very large burden, while the PC and the noise radiation is also co-troubled employees.

Cloud terminal Help business growth

Without changing the existing environment, easily deployed, building enterprise-based concept of cloud computing network environment!

Native 32-bit true color, 1920X1080 resolution display using a standard desktop computer is almost no difference compared to the whole machine power less than 5W, is used extensively for business office saving, easy to place, upscale atmosphere, full-featured, fast.

Cloud terminal Network architecture and Cloud terminal Meet the needs of SMEs. Hardware procurement cost is only 10% to 20% of common PC software resource sharing, only the server operating system and office software, employee logs virtual machine (server) daily work, all employees shared server resource data stored on the server side, no local store employees, to ensure data security, centralized policy management, administrators can on the server side Cloud terminal Hardware and software maintenance and management, hardware damage probability is extremely small, unified software upgrade on the server side implementation.

Other Cloud terminal Compact design, no noise, no radiation low power consumption not only meet the cost control of the business needs more staff to provide a good working environment.

Cloud terminal Good network architecture scalability for enterprise new employees or employees leave the assets transfer, provides time-saving channel. Without moving heavy hosts, without the transfer of backup data, reduce administrative pressure.

Education (Electronic Reading Room)

Based on computer technology and network technology, is changing the traditional library to digital library. In today's rapidly changing knowledge updated, it is difficult to ensure that an appropriate amount of funding to have an annual library construction. Computer Technology Schools and the Construction of Electronic Reading Room, can make up for the purchase of text-based documents and library funding routine maintenance and inadequate management of funds. cloud terminal price is only equivalent to the traditional personal computer 10% to 20%, saving the cost of investment in hardware.

Remote virtual machine only need to meet the students' daily Internet, reading books, further education or science needed to support playback video and other multimedia materials. Generally cloud terminal can not support video playback, and excellent video cloud terminal function perfectly make up terminals this defect, if conditions permit, but also with regional schools FIG museum collections in particular large-scale regional networking of large University Library, district libraries in order to achieve the purpose of sharing intelligence information.

Unified server management, you can control the operating range of students, for students to create a healthy online environment.

End desktop virtualization - Cloud terminal supports 32-bit color at 1920 X 1080 full-screen video playback fluent language support, support for USB keyboard and mouse, U disk, removable hard drives, card readers and so on.

Conference Room 3

It is time to bid farewell to the traditional conference room endless print and distribute statements, documents, waste paper does not say, let the people do the organizational session of upset long preparatory work, a ten-ginseng plus a small meeting, each documents with only ten pages will print out 100 sheets of paper, after, but also keep this information carefully to prevent damage and loss. electronic meeting room, it has been accepted by more and more people, while traditional electronic meeting of the traditional PC, the problems caused by the same serious

Too big, too much power, too much noise, too hard to maintain, difficult to manage, these issues are in the works to get rid of the mind, is the time to solve these troubles

ST450 with its unique small size, low power consumption, no noise, easy maintenance and critically acclaimed, more important is the end customer management software, easily pushes allows host presentations, videos, images pushed to the front of the participants on the display, which is how the dream before * function, do not need to let everyone to stare at a big-screen TV or always reflective or low-light projector it?

4 Call Center

Easy deployment, rapid expansion

One or more cloud host (server), a switch (Switch) / Router (Route), N a corporate desktop cloud dock and several cable cloud terminal network architecture good scalability for the call center new staff or employee turnover were the transfer of assets, provides time-saving channel. without moving heavy hosts, without the transfer of backup data, reduce administrative pressure.

Installed only on the server side call software staff through assigned user name and password for the remote access virtual machine (server), you can use software services on call business processes. All data can be stored on the server side, the staff of local non-memory, guaranteed data security.

Centralized management policy administrator at the server through the client-side policy management software (cloud terminal management software) maintenance and management, a very small chance of hardware damage, software upgrades can be unified in the service side implementation. IT administrators do not have access to end-users client, you can complete the application configuration and maintenance, to avoid each PC installed, as well as failure and other heavy equipment, greatly reducing maintenance workload, improve efficiency.

Space-saving, environmental protection

5 Guest Room

In the information age of today, it has been unable to imagine away from home is not a computer, each computer into hotel rooms has become a necessity. However, due to instability in the hotel industry customer groups, the use of ordinary PC, customers can disassemble and replace within the host device, the hotel will result in a greater loss coupled with more hotel rooms, stay strong privacy after customers convenient maintenance and hotel IT managers level uneven, are now deployed hotel rooms computer encountered a series of headaches. However, ST450 uses a solid-state design, no moving parts, ensure the safety of equipment, while the shared hosting model which employs, so that maintenance of large iT staff reduction (only need to maintain the host ), and management and without the rooms, only the implementation of centralized management policy on a host, administrators can easily implement centralized management and control. for sporting and leisure demanding characteristics of this terminal HD movie playback capability sufficient to qualified customers needs and its unique compact, no noise, no radiation green design but also help improve the professionalism and image of the hotel but also to customers hotel stay quiet stay.

6 Family

ST450 is also located in the living room computer, a television in the living room below, when a TV network as a movie player, Internet use and viewing photos, but also can download machine, download movies. TV screen can also be used as a display, connecting existing mainframe computer, a second computer extended family, without increasing costs, many people share.

Six Service and Support

With leading-edge technology deserves leading service and support at any time a response team that can accelerate customer success.

· Weather service at any time, so you have any problems, can be resolved in time

· Hardware within one year free replacement, allowing you to have any problems in a year, can get a new machine, and more

Long-term firmware upgrade service, so you can enjoy the latest achievements of science and technology has brought

After sales Know

A. The buyer receive the goods carefully check the appearance of the goods is intact, accessories are complete then sign. Please return immediately if it is damaged courier. Otherwise after receipt, we will not have the appearance of any damage to the goods warranty Thanks for your cooperation.

Logistics inquiries: Please buyers into 'My Taobao' - 'buy baby' - you and I view the logistics of the transaction can, and do not need to ask me to express a single number, oh, all the logistics information you can here view, then you can also go to their website for your goods to where a very convenient oh commonly express website: through courier (; STO (; Yuantong express ( SF express ( China Post EMS ( other courier Baidu, you can find it.

II. After receipt, please give the necessary tests as soon as possible, make sure there is no damage in transit, in the test, had not confirmed whether the card is compatible, do not screw fixed, the buyer should bear the screw over ten dollars to send repair plant cost, our company's limited warranty, or return time there are certain restrictions. You must comply.
III. Please test and confirm receipt, and the seller to give praise, and lit five small stars in your receipt of goods within three days, we will be according to theme buyers sent me, ten yuan cash back to buyers As no acknowledgment of receipt within three days will not mention the way cash back reward buyers of network marketing profit micro Pu, need money fast turnaround, thank you.

IV. Upon receipt of the goods to the buyer, have questions, please contact the seller to deal with, the seller Do not get any treatment with the evaluation, otherwise complaints in the end. Fair deal, integrity management.


I. arrive within seven days of quality problems package returned, a replacement delivery costs sellers bear, who choose to return shipping by the buyer. Internet marketing profit micro Pu, provide repair services after the warranty period, freight who made the certification

Two warranty: limited valid under normal use, and the graphics card and the warranty label must remain intact, otherwise terminate the warranty service due to customer use, maintenance, etc., are not covered under warranty.

3. The principle of non-product quality problems package returned, subject to request contact with the owner, the restaurant does not need to bear the postage and depreciation (packaging costs, labor costs, etc.).


1) and sales orders, warranty label does not match the goods; warranty label altered, obscured, is covered or torn merchandise warranty does not cover.

2) due to human damage, improper installation, operating under normal working conditions and non-product failures caused by the use (including the workload beyond the product) Not included in the warranty.

3) PCB, finger injury, burns, deformation of the product and the product itself has a burn mark electronic components, loss, loss; BGA IC chip and have burned damage caused by improper storage, or flooding, high temperatures, smashing fall, unauthorized change machine, to board, maintenance products are not included in the warranty.

4) Do not include full you must attach postage and shipping address and Taobao ID number when returning products.