ZENGYUDA altimeter | Elevation tables

ZENGYUDA altimeter | Elevation tables

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: the source
  • Item no: altimeter (barometer, thermometer, compass) elevation table
  • Origin: China
  • Hanging price: 168
  • Outdoor sports project: biking cross-country hiking camping mountaineering rock climbing ice climbing river rafting skiing tourism
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Uses: thermometers
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Shock: Yes
  • Luminous display: no
  • Carry: the hang up button
  • Display type: digital

Brand: the source of zengyuanda

Name: 4-in-1 mechanical pressure gauges
Model: BKT381
Measuring range: 5000M/1040hPa/-30 ° C~ +50 ° c
Measurement accuracy: 20M/5hPa/2 ° c
Overall dimensions: 85mmx68mmx28mm
Weight: 90g

Close to the climber's special design, light and compact, suitable for travel, measuring above sea level/pressure/temperature/azimuth four functions, hiking, rock climbing, hiking, skiing and other outdoor sports and health equipment.
Method of use:

Before the mountaineering, if the height of known origin, watch pointer to a known altitude height scale, then go climbing. Measured data in this case is the absolute height of the mountain (real altitude).

If you don't know the starting height, turn the elevation gauge needle to zero, and then to go mountain climbing. Measured data in this case is the relative height of the mountain, that is relative to the height of the departure. (Absolute height = height + relative height of departure) relative height is not the altitude, height of the only plus point of departure, reinstate the real altitude.
For example: we in a foot of altitude gauge needle to the zero position. When you reach the top, 1700 meters. We know the relative height of the mountain is 1700 meters.

If we know that this is 50 meters above sea level at the foot of the mountain. Well, we knew this mountain is 1750 m above sea level.

By altitude table can understand your altitude at any time, climbing and adventure sports, understanding their altitude, scheduling, security is very important.

Frequently asked questions:

1. with the battery? A: mechanical, does not require batteries, based on internal sealing boxes induced changes in air pressure-driven hands.

2. precision high? A: measurement accuracy: 20M/5hPa/2 ° c. Higher accuracy, electronic. More sensitive. 1 m have responded.

3. Why was the same place, sooner or later, pointer height difference? A: normally, this is because of induction pressure of, sooner or later, the pressure is not the same as pressure changes, the pointer will move. Understand the principles, you know pressure induction height, there will be errors. All barometers so.

4. warranty last? Answer: one year.