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Edifier / Edifier | E1100MKII Multimedia Computer Audio Subwoofer Desktop Stereo Speaker

Edifier / Edifier | E1100MKII Multimedia Computer Audio Subwoofer Desktop Stereo Speaker
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier E1100MKI ...
  • Packing volume: 362 * 258 * 280mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 5
  • Power supply: AC power
  • Box material: plastic
  • Purchasing: Mainland China
  • Color classification: white high light black
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Edifier
  • Edifier Model: E1100MKII

Different kind of whale, alternative fashion - Edifier e1100MKII 'diving' listed

Edifier e series products are always full of fashion and noble atmosphere, such as the 2006 launch of the e1100, resembles the shape of the shape and fine craft is refreshing, this pioneering design concept today is also out of date, and in addition to desktop sound , This can also decorate your home environment into the second half of 2012, this classic product is also a new upgrade, e1100MKII dazzling debut, with a better design and more outstanding sound quality, for the Edifier fashion army into the fresh blood The

Bionic modeling design, filling avant-garde fashion

Edifier industrial design strength in the industry second to none, whether it is entry-level or high-end products have a unique design, such as the new e1100MKII, different from the e1100 shaped shape, this time Edifier design master will look to the earth huge Animals - whales, with whale head bionic modeling 'diving' listing, the design language is more agile.

At first sight Edifier e1100MKII, you will be it is close to the whale head of the subwoofer to attract, full of full body with a wave-shaped metal texture bracket, in the stable revealed the beautiful curve, also static also move.

Moreover, from the front of the subwoofer there is a extension to the control knob protruding ribs, not only balance the left and right line of sight, but also gives a rebellious thinning tension.More ingenant is that the Edifier's designer will switch the switch In the whale head of the water hole, just the proportion and location, so that the overall shape more vivid.

Edifier e1100MKI two satellites with the subwoofer consistent design elements, its shape is like leaping out of the water to the crowd to pay tribute to the trumpet whale, in the avant-garde exudes infinite affinity.

New upgrade unit, sound shock surging

In the former e1100 body, Edifier personality design and beautiful sound quality performance integration, allowing users to easily have a visual and auditory pleasure. The new Edifier e1100MKII is further, not only more stylish chic, its sound quality is also better The

The emphasis on low frequency is the main feature of the Cruiser e1100MKII, which uses a new 5-inch subwoofer with an outside diameter of 131mm, and the e1100's 4.5-inch speaker unit not only changes in size, but also increases the rated output power to 14W.

At the same time, Edifier e1100MKII also used to pressurize the inverted tube system, superimposed low frequency sound pressure, bass effect more powerful.

Of course, Edifier designers on the e1100MKII bass attention is not only this, even in the satellite box, also has a strong configuration. E1100MKII subwoofer with 2-inch aluminum basin full-frequency unit, beautiful sound pure, and similar to e10 , Satellite box also with a slightly larger size of the passive radiator, and subwoofer frequency convergence more ideal, more outstanding sound.

In order to show the natural sound, the designer in the speaker details of the same focus. Satellite box has a sophisticated metal texture bracket, not only extraordinary texture, it has a small angle back design, paste the desktop sound better listening habits.

In addition, the designer also for the e1100MKII subwoofer and satellite boxes are added to the bottom of the foot pad, fit the desktop, greatly reducing the resonant interference.

Fashion texture knob, handling handy

Control settings, Edifier e1100MKII still use the top volume and switch knob design, easy to day-to-day operation. In the control knob surface is also sprayed with a special anti-skid rubber paint, soft texture, just one finger can easily adjust, and after power , Knob outer ring will reveal the faint blue halo, exudes fashion technology atmosphere.

In the rear of the subwoofer, power input interface, 3.5mm audio input interface and satellite box connection in turn arranged to facilitate the connection.Moreover, Edifier e1100MKII also set the adjustable bass volume control knob, the user can freely set the low-frequency sound , So shocking heart and move.

User-friendly settings, the application more intimate

And e1100 single bright black different, Edifier e1100MKII to provide users with high light black, high porcelain white and matte black three colors, the user can according to their own preferences and the host, the display color with their own, so e1100MKII more harmonious Into the surrounding environment.

In the high light black, high porcelain white two color version, because the box surface with delicate high light treatment, the use of the process is easy to leave the finger marks, Edifier also provides users with a clean cloth, you can easily wipe traces.

In order to facilitate the user to use, Edifier e1100MKII also uses an external wide voltage power adapter, not only can adapt to the voltage fluctuations, more subwoofer to make more room space to create more shocking bass effect.

Following the e30, e10, Edifier e series of new e1100MKII bring more surprises. Based on the classic e1100 and improved, such as whale head bass box design, so that this product is full of personality, not only light your Desktop, and can be easily integrated into the home environment, with the newly designed 5-inch woofer with 2-inch aluminum basin full-range unit + subwoofer, the sound performance is better.In addition to music audition, e1100MKII excellent low frequency and sound field performance in the film , The game sound can bring shocking pleasure. Want desktop speakers out of the ordinary, e1100MKII will be a good choice.

  • Power amplifier output power: R / L: 4W × 2 (THD + N = 10%, f0 = 1kHz)
    SW: 14W (THD + N = 10%, f0 = 80Hz)
  • Power amplifier SNR: ≥85dBA (THD + N = 1%)
  • Distortion: ≤0.5% {P0 = 1 / 2P1 (P1 is THD = 1% output power)}
  • Machine frequency response range: 50Hz-18KHz (± 6db)
  • Channel separation: ≥40dB (THD + N = 1%)
  • Input sensitivity: R / L: 400 ± 50mV (THD + N = 1%)
    SW: 250 ± 50 mV (THD + N = 1%)
  • Audio input interface: 3.5mm stereo
  • Adjustment form: master volume, low volume knob adjustment
  • Woofer: 5 inches (diameter 131mm), anti-magnetic, 4Ω
  • Tweeter: 2 inches (diameter 52mm), anti-magnetic, 4Ω
  • Bass Box Size: 186 (W W) × 196 (H) × 278 (D) mm
  • Satellite speaker box size: 85 (width W) × 172 (high H) × 94 (deep D) mm
  • Net weight / gross weight: 2.8kg / 3.86kg