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Pennefather 3500P ultra-thin wireless mouse | Notebook Office USB Apple win7 / 8/10 power saving girls

Pennefather 3500P ultra-thin wireless mouse | Notebook Office USB Apple win7 / 8/10 power saving girls
Product code: 5580700030
Unit price 11.04-12.63$
Sold quantity 60183
Available stock 2822

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Rapoo / Pennefather 3500P
  • Brand: Rapoo / Pennefather
  • Pennefather Wireless Model: 3500P
  • Package Type: Official Standard
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Color Category: White Black Pink Yellow Blue Yellow Kung Fu Panda Edition Blue Kung Fu Panda Edition Green Kung Fu Panda Edition Purple Kung Fu Panda Edition
  • Wireless distance: 10m
  • Battery type: battery number 5
  • Wireless Technology: 5.8GHZ
  • Work: Photoelectricity
  • Number of keys: 3
  • Optical resolution: 1000dpi
  • Number of rollers: 1
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Whether boxed genuine: yes

Do you still worry about charging your mouse every day? Do you worry about frequent replacement of batteries?


Pennefather 3500P with no light power technology , 1 Ordinary No. 5 battery can be used for 9 months! You did not listen to the wrong! A 2 dollars alkaline batteries can be used for 9 months!! Save a lot of oh ...

More use 5.8Ghz Wireless technology, away from 2.4Ghz various signal interference, high stability!

You are still worried: in case Insensitive, Not easy to use, do not like, with the bad mood How to do it Fake Afterwards Quality problems How to do


OUR solemn promise : Fake a million! as long as You have a little bit do not like, such as customer service attitude is not good, with a bad feel, poor performance, even if the unpacked, with the , Fell, wrapped tear or thrown is not afraid, received the goods 15 days Free return.

no pressure!

There are! ! You try satisfied with the evaluation of Shaitu (screenshot) to customer service, you can Upgrade from 1 year warranty to 2 years warranty! I do not have to worry about my mouse bad to catch the drama!

Support win system, Apple system, all with USB port desktop, notebook (including mac air, mac pro) computer support Oh!

The bottom is not light, ultra-thin design portable, oh, go out and put the pockets follow the Ouba said go away!