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Teclast / Taipower SD128GBS550 128G SSD Solid State Drive Notebook Desktop Non-120G

Teclast / Taipower SD128GBS550 128G SSD Solid State Drive Notebook Desktop Non-120G
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Teclast / Taipower SD128GBS55 ...
  • Color classification: orange SSD + 9.5mm notebook drive bracket SSD +12.7mm laptop drive bracket
  • Hard disk capacity: 128GB
  • Interface Type: SATA 3
  • Size: 2.5 inches
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Teclast / Taipower
  • Model: SD128GBS550
  • Condition: New

In the past 2016, the global flash memory prices continue to rise, TLC manufacturing costs accounted for the upper hand, MLC SSD less and less.

In the market full of TLC products, Taipower S550 still adhere to the use of Intel MLC particles, durable life of 3000P / E erase the number of times to ordinary consumers, for example, with a twenty years are not a problem. Yes, the use of MLC particles Taipower S550.

Taipower SD128GBS550 with Huirong (SiliconMotion) professional master, with Intel original MLC flash particles, life is far more than ordinary TLC flash memory 1000 P / E erase times. Using SATA3.0 interface, providing 6Gbps transmission bandwidth, not only have High-speed read and write performance, but also to ensure long-term read and write can not lose speed.

SD128GBS550 has a continuous reading speed of up to 480MB / s, in the application of large file loading seems to ease. Write performance is also sufficient daily I / O read and write use, and MLC particles to ensure smooth reading and writing speed, Is really true.

Taipower SSD in the appearance of a unique, single shell technology will need to be carefully carved 36, combined with bright and vibrant orange appearance, stand out in similar products. Details can be seen everywhere Taipower SSD intentions manufacturing, only the most stringent stringent selection process, in order to maximize To ensure product quality.

MLC flash memory in terms of performance, stability or life, are better than TLC. Taipower SD128GBS550, 100% using Intel MLC flash particles, compared to TLC flash memory, performance life, process quality are more reliable, which long-term user storage Sex is particularly important.