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Antique dedicated to Honda Bin-car window trim XRV body decoration strip-modified special decoration

Product code: -5540700030
Unit price 6.24-23.83$
Sold quantity 1812
Available stock 21801
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ante off
  • Model: Window trim
  • Scope: window trim
  • Color Classification: 智 智 12 蓝 标 智 12 12 窄 Narrow 智 智 12 边 智 智 12 标 智 智 12 筆 標 智 智 20 标 標 智 智 20 边 智 智 20 宽 宽V12 pieces of wide-edge XR-V12 pieces of silver standard XR-V12 pieces of red XR-V12 pieces of red XR-V12 pieces of red XR-V12 pieces of red XR- V-belt in the column → → → → → XR-V20 pieces of narrow side XR-V20 pieces of wide-edge XR-V20 pieces of silver standard XR-V20 pieces of red standard Bin Chi / XR-V →→→→→→ Bin Zhi XR-V Bottom window 4 pcs XR-V V-pillar 8 pcs Applicable to wide-edged window sill XR-V mast 8 pcs Applicable to narrow side
  • Services: support the installation