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Authentic Eidelberg LX-F sponge hardness / sponge / foam hardness table LX-F-type Shore hardness tester

Authentic Eidelberg LX-F sponge hardness / sponge / foam hardness table LX-F-type Shore hardness tester
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Eidebao
  • Model: LX-F
  • Item: LX-F
  • Color classification: open the document according to the Cape vote to open 17% by votes concessions to shoot
  • Decoration and construction: procurement of the main material

Performance: LX-F-type sponge hardness tester is designed for the convenience of customers to measure the hardness of foam and special custom, it is suitable for the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products hardness, hardness and other hardness of this Determination of the use of different, in use, presser foot directly on the sample contact, and use its own weight as a load test load.

The main performance parameters
Pressure needle travel range: 0 ~ 2.5 mm;
Dial value: 0 ~ 100 degrees;
Pressure pin end force: 550mN ~ 4300mN (56 ~ 438.5g).

Instructions: Hand-held instrument in the middle of the hardness of the hardness of light on the flat foot of the sample (or test piece), when the hardness of the presser foot and the sample after a smooth contact within 1 second reading, then pointer scale In order to improve the measurement accuracy, the sample should be flat glass or flat, each measurement point is only allowed to measure once, the same sample separated by more than 25mm different The point of measurement is not less than 5. The average value of the measurement result is the hardness value of the sample material.
Precautions: When the hardness of the presser foot in a free state, the pointer is displayed as '0', pressure pin face and presser foot surface in close contact with the glass plate, the pointer display should be '100.' If the test can not be displayed when the hardness indicator '0' And '100', you need to adjust to '0' and '100' to use.
Specimen and adjustment: (1) the thickness of the specimen should be between 25mm to 30mm: When the thickness of less than 25mm, the available 2 Diego Diego, but to ensure smooth smooth contact surface, the total thickness should conform to the provisions of the sample thickness.
(2) the sample size should meet the length and width are greater than 100mm, the distance between the measurement point and the sample edge of not less than 40mm, between the measurement points is not less than 25mm, each sample measurement point of not less than 5 points.
(3) remove the sample on both sides of the epidermis, the thickness should be uniform, the surface smooth, uniform distribution of pores, no mechanical damage and impurities.
(4) Sample conditioning and test conditions shall be carried out according to GB / T2941-91.
Hardness after use, into the equipment box, place a dry place to prevent moisture.