Genuine Ed Fort LX-F Sponge Durometer, Shore hardness foam sponge hardness LX-F table

Genuine Ed Fort LX-F Sponge Durometer, Shore hardness foam sponge hardness LX-F table

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ed Fort
  • Model: LX-F
  • Item No: LX-F
  • Color Classification: On receipt Cape vote 17% VAT Shipping Sign
  • Renovation and construction content: the main material procurement

LX-F Sponge Durometer

First, the performance profile
LX-F type sponge durometer factory is for the convenience of customers to measure the hardness of foam and special custom, it applies to the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products hardness, this durometer hardness in other Determination of the use of different, when in use, the presser foot in direct contact with the sample, and uses its own weight as the load load.
Second, the main performance parameters
Pressure needle stroke range: 0 to 2.5 mm;
Dial: 0 to 100 degrees;
Indenter end force: 550mN ~ 4300mN (56 ~ 438.5g).
Third, use:
The middle of the hand-held instrument, the hardness is greater than the presser foot gently on the plane of the sample (or specimen), the hardness of the presser foot when the sample stationary contact within 1 second readings, then the pointer scale is the test sample (specimen) hardness value. in order to improve the measurement accuracy, the sample should be placed on a flat glass or plate, each measuring point will only be allowed once measured, separated by 25mm or more different on the same sample site measuring point of not less than 5:00. measurements averaged, that is, the hardness of the sample material.
IV Notes
When the hardness of the presser foot is in a free state, the pointer appears as '0', the end face of the presser foot pressure needle plane in close contact on a glass plate, the pointer should be displayed as '100' as inspection hardness pointer can not be displayed '0' and '100', you need to be adjusted to be used when '0' and '100'.
Five samples and regulation
(1) sample thickness should be between 25mm to 30mm: When the thickness is less than 25mm, the available two-phase Diego, but the need to ensure smooth contact surface, the thickness of the total thickness of the specimen should remain in line with regulations.
(2) the sample size should meet the length and width greater than 100mm, measuring point and sample edge distance not less than 40mm, not less than 25mm between the measuring points, each sample measuring point of not less than 5:00.
(3) remove the skin on both sides of the specimen, the thickness should be uniform, smooth surface, uniform pore distribution, no mechanical damage and impurities.
(4) the sample conditioning and testing performed in ambient conditions GB / T2941-91 regulations.
Hardness after use, into the instrument box, place a dry place to prevent damp.

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