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Cool black machine/hand tattoo ink | Korean semi permanent upper eye line embroidered eyebrow bleach lip beginner exercises

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: Diane practice color
  • Color category: Imperial black-dark brown-gray-eyebrow eyeliner light brown coffee-coffee-eyebrow eyebrow harmonic solid Desert Tan color deep Orange coffee-coffee-eyebrow change blue eyebrow eyebrow-skin-covered green coffee-modified Blue rose-the lips Red
  • Beauty Tools category: other/other
  • Beauty tools: other/other
  • Brand: cool black
  • Name: practice
  • Specifications type: normal
  • Function:/other
  • For skin: any skin
  • Origin:/other
  • Shelf life: 30 months

Colors are:

Eyebrow Special: dark coffee, light coffee, black coffee, coffee Brown, gray-coffee

Lips are special: red, rose, pink, Orange, strawberry red,

Solid-color Special: Desert Tan

Color Special: colour

Coloring Special: modified blue eyebrow, modified red eyebrows

Lip line Special: purple

Individually wrapped, sterile, the importation of raw materials and packaging, add a special formula of refined form of pigment, containing moisturizing factor and brightening factor ingredients, do not fade, do not change color, easy to clean, stable performance, safety and reliability, no rejection characteristics. Suitable for all skin types, suitable for all groups

Small molecules, paint, do not change color, stable, strong, bright colors transparent, safe, nontoxic; By high-tech extraction from natural plants, paint, bright colors do not change color effect lasting, no irritation to humans; Is used for the three lines on the face, high-end color tattoo pigments, variety of colors can be any deployment, and can be used with golden rose color.