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Deng Tai lighting color led ceiling lamp circular bedroom simple modern living room kitchen bathroom corridor

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Product parameters:

  • Ceiling light type: Acrylic ceiling lamp
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Shade auxiliary material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade
  • Lamp body auxiliary material: ABS + metal chassis
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Brand: Dengtai
  • Model: DT-XD2011-12
  • Light body main material: ABS + metal chassis
  • Color: Gold 27cm LED / 15W silver line 27cm LED / 15W three-color variable light 27cm 15W gold wire 27cm LED / 18W silver line 27cm LED / 18W three color variable light 34cm 20W gold wire 34cm LED / 18W silver wire 34cm LED / 18W three-color variable light 40cm 26W gold wire 34cm LED / 24W silver wire 34cm LED / 24W three color change light 50cm 36W gold wire 27cm 24W buy one get one gold wire 27cm LED12W white light limit the amount of the purchase of a gold line 40cm LED / 24-watt silver line 40cm LED / 24-watt Promise dimming 34cm 20-watt gold line 40cm LED / 30-watt silver line 40cm LED / 30-watt Promise dimming 40cm 26- 50cm LED / 36W silver wire 50cm LED / 36W Promise to adjust the light 50cm 36 watts
  • Main material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade
  • Light source type: LED
  • Process: blow molding
  • Number of light sources: 1
  • Irradiation area: 5 ㎡-10 ㎡
  • Whether the lamp with light: with light
  • Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (included)
  • Power: 11W (with) -15W (including)
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Shade shape: round

Activities section

Gold wire 27cm LED12 tile white light 1 purchase

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Parent shop with Highlight Led chip

Such as photographed three color temperature and variable light dimming options, Color, please leave a message no default silver hair line.

White and three-color temperature default does not deserve remote control,

Promise Promise Dimming Tinting includes remote control.

Need Fengtian paragraph can contact customer service or photographed message Oh

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