Bei yan fall pajamas | Women | Cotton long sleeve Cardigan long sleeve cotton clothing fashion | Women can wear outside

Bei yan fall pajamas | Women | Cotton long sleeve Cardigan long sleeve cotton clothing fashion | Women can wear outside

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the fall of 2016
  • Application scenario: leisure Home
  • Application object: suitable for youth
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: cotton 100%
  • Brands: Yan
  • Style number: C2505
  • Color classification: C2505
  • Size: 160 (m) codes (pre-five days after the delivery) 165 (l) code (sale of five days after the delivery) 170 (XL) code (sale five days after delivery)
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Fabrics commonly known as: cotton knit fabric
  • Fabric material: cotton
  • Contents: 95%
  • Thickness: General
  • Pattern: stripe
  • Garment details: printing
  • Collar: small collar
  • Dress fly: the anterior Cingulate
  • Sleeve length: long sleeve
  • Long pants: pants
  • Pants fly: the rubber band
  • For seasons: autumn
  • Applying gender: female
  • Clothing style: simple

"Brand" Bei yan
"Product name" Ladies clothing
"Product code" C2505
"Color" Figure color
"Size" Women's: m-code, code l, XL code
"Ingredients" Please look at the details of introduction
"Product description" Standard "reference to the certificate"
Security category "GB18401-2010 (category b) with direct contact to skin product"
Product grade for "first grade"
Washing instructions "reference to the certificate"
Origin of "China."

1, ≤ 30 following temperature or cold water is recommended to ease machine wash.
2 do not use bleach, chlorine bleach can damage the material and makes clothes yellow.
3, we recommend washing separately from other clothing.

"Tips" Note: lovers buy it now refers to a men's or women's price, the price does not mean that men and women (why jacket + pants set)
↓ The size control of goods (Please note that combine height + weight reference, choose carefully)
Because everyone's body is different, people may wear different numbers of the same height Pajamas fit to wear the number, when they buy
You can tell us your approximate height and weight, we will consider giving you a reference number.
Our only reference does not guarantee hundred percent fit, after receiving such as clothing size is not appropriate, required by the buyer pays return postage to mail back to Exchange.



L-codes: recommended height 165-170CM, 110-140 M code: 155-160CM recommended height, weight 88-100
XL code: recommended height 171-176CM, 130-150 L-codes: recommended height 161-167CM, 100-120
XXL code: 177-182CM recommended height, weight 150-180 XL code: recommended height 168-172CM, 120-140
Nightdress code. Recommended height 155-172 weight 95-125 kg

Bell Shes flagship store |Spokesmodel pictures

(Note: model height ratio than what symmetry, shoulder width or wider, so try better recommend close according to the actual number of codes to purchase the right size!)

(Real colour picture may be slightly bias, because of different fabrics in different light shows and colorful textures in order to purchase the product in order to prevail in kind, note, hope understand!)