Electric heater | high-power external heat constant temperature | electric iron | set | home 100W |

Electric heater | high-power external heat constant temperature | electric iron | set | home 100W |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: GJ / Gao Jie card
  • Model: HS-100A / C
  • Color Classification: HS-100C 100W (heating core upgrade) HS-100C + entry five-piece HS-100C + professional four-piece HS-100C + senior six-piece HS-80C 80W high-power HS-80C + Four sets of HS-80C + senior Liu Jiantao

This section soldering iron as a result of larger, most of the shop iron frame can not be installed. Only the following iron frame can be matched,

1. 2. 3.

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Please note : All high-power external thermal soldering iron tip due to high temperature oxidation and corrosion (solder wire is corrosive), the use of a long time customers, please purchase some iron tip to spare. Such as what is not clear before use, you can contact technical customer service.

Canned 10g solder wire diameter of 1.0mm, 75g solder wire diameter of 0.8mm, are 41% of the amount of solder!

Note: Heating core and tip, are consumables, not within the scope of the warranty, hope to know!

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Guangzhou Huanghua genuine high-power external heat-type electric iron special longevity 100W HS-100C

Precautions for using soldering iron
1, to keep the tip of the tin is always tin, to prevent oxidation.
2, welding can not be used when the strong acid flux.
3, can not use the file or hammer repair and beat the tip of the welding Tsui.
4, in the high-temperature oxidation of the nozzle does not appear on the tin black, the first oxide clean,
With the solder tip cleaning agent on the tip of the solder infiltration site, and then re-tin, tin temperature control at about 250 ℃.
5, electric iron power use, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble some of the electric parts.

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