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10 Autumn big virgin child pants boys pants summer thin section 12 cotton trousers Spring 15-year-old boy 13

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Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2016 Spring
  • Brand: LaurenPrince / Lauren Prince
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Material: 95% cotton polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
  • Color Classification: Navy Baseball Baseball Baseball burgundy sky blue dark blue gecko baseball gecko gray burgundy dark green gecko gecko gray gray letter letters dark green letters dark gray S Black Star Sapphire Star Navy S printing printing printing burgundy dark gray S
  • To apply a gender: Male
  • Product Number: L5WK049
  • Model real shot: Photos models
  • Reference Height: 130cm [Spring and Autumn conventional models comfortable cotton stretch fabric] 140cm [Spring conventional models cotton stretch fabric comfort [Spring] 150cm conventional models cotton stretch fabric comfort [Spring] 160cm conventional models cotton stretch fabric comfort 170cm [Spring] conventional models cotton stretch fabric comfort [Spring] 175cm conventional models cotton stretch comfort fabric]
  • Waistband: waist
  • Season: Spring
  • Fabric: Cotton (95% and above)
  • Length: trousers
  • Pants placket: Rubber band belt
  • Style: Sports
  • Whether the sack: Not sack
  • Pants Category: Sports Pants

[[]] Four Seasons sport utility pants fabric custom 32 + 5% combed cotton spandex stretch! This fabric on the market than ordinary fabric cost 50% more expensive,! Stretch fabric is ideal for sports, not tight! Line does not explode!

Recommended reasons to buy one:

[[Good] Stretch

Combed cotton pants with elastic pants is really good, the child great exercise, physical education. Running, playing, playing all fit, stretch fabrics will not tight!!!

Recommended to buy two reasons:

[[4.98]] high score

Cumulative sales of 12,000, almost 100% positive feedback. We focus on the details, hit the fabric color processing, fine Indian embroidery, lining collision color, drawstring header processing! You can say no less, on the market 29 -39 two worn out, we can wear a 59 yuan a! one hundred wash without distortion! very durable!

Recommended Buy Three reasons:

]] [[Repo rate

This sweatpants customers purchase, the repurchase rate of 60% on the market price of 59 is not cheap, and why the repo rate is still so high! Because we have to solve the traditional sports pants pilling, no stretch, washing out of shape deformation and other serious problems!