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Product code: 5433300030
Unit price 15.68$
Sold quantity 17019
Available stock 270

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yate Mao
  • NO
  • Underwear classification: underwear kit
  • Color Classification: 1145 Macaron pink small hanger cardigan 'summer and autumn' cotton month suit suits + trousers 1145 Makalong blue small hanger cardigan 'summer models' cotton month suits suits + pants 1142 ice cream blue lace Summer clothing "pants 1142 lemon yellow lace month service 'summer and autumn models' cotton (cotton) lace yellow lace month clothing 'summer and autumn' pure cotton men's clothing sub- 20115 Makalon small hanger cardigan 'winter thickening' cotton month suits suit jacket + trousers 1155 Makalong pink small hanger cardigan 'winter thickening' cotton month suit suit jacket + Pants 1142 warm honey pink lace month service 1142 yellow lace month service
  • Size: M XL XL XXL
  • Collar type: round neck
  • Sleeve: long sleeves
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Clothing placket: on the lapel
  • Pants placket: rubber band
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Material: Cotton
  • Pattern: Stripes
  • Style: cute
  • Thickness: Thin section
  • Applicable season: not limited to the season