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JOMOO 9-Siphon toilet flush toilet | small size toilet | water-saving deodorant toilet 11173

Product code: -53881600030
Unit price 399.38$
Sold quantity 71768
Available stock 5248
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: JOMOO / nine animal husbandry
  • Model: 11173
  • Color classification: water-saving mute toilet (store to send accessories optional pit away from thousands of city free home installation) pit from the amount (such as notice the longest free storage 60 days)
  • Drainage: drainage
  • Minimum pit distance: 305mm 400mm
  • Toilet type: Siamese
  • Will flush the amount of water: 3.0L-6.0L
  • Flush button type: on both ends
  • Material: PP board
  • Whether the cover is buffered: buffer
  • Toilet flush method: jet siphon
  • Load: 70kg and above

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