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02 US mark2 external USB professional computer independent HIFI sound card | fiber coaxial DSD

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Musiland
  • Channel: 2
  • Type: USB
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Musiland / Music of the state
  • Model: Monitor 02 US mark2

● Product introduction
ListenMonitor ), Agglomeration of the state of science and technology for many years and the essence of audio research. Power UP Power supply technology for small metal body filling a strong driving force. Hardware direct playback DSD Audio stream, in the continuation of the classic at the same time, to provide users with more fidelity, better quality of the sound. Line, headphone output free switching; digital knob volume control, filling the design concept of people-oriented optional external power supply or battery, 6.3MM , 3.5MM Headphone-independent interface, optical fiber, coaxial, MULINK Output, ASIO Play, DTS And Dolby source output, DSD Audio signal decoding ... ..., omnipotent application environment, 120dB Rich music taste of the output, domineering exposed, but myself?
• Advanced chipset architecture

MUSILAND Audio Labs' latest SuperDSP210 HD audio chipset supports true USB2.0 high speed transmission with an instantaneous transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. With MUSILAND's proprietary driver, the original DSD data can be transferred to the chipset for processing via the high-speed bus. Multi-layer state machine processing mechanism, making the USB high-speed data transmission to achieve real real-time.
SuperDSP210 HD audio chipset supports true 32Bit audio data processing, the maximum sampling rate up to 384KHz. With SuperDSP210 internal DCM (clock management module) to generate the audio clock, restore sound files, harmonic distortion close to the human hearing limit. FPGA precision S / PDIF transmitter, you can complete the PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and other popular digital signal output.Since this S / PDIF transmitter driven by the precision clock, so the output signal jitter is very low, fully meet the audio laboratory on The next generation of MULINK interface, you can 32Bit of high-definition audio data and DSD data source output to an external decoder or other digital audio.
• A functional interface
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with high-quality stereo line output, headphone output, optical output, RCA coaxial output, MULINK high-definition audio output interface.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with lines, headphone output free to switch, digital knob volume control, filling the people-oriented design.
Sound card comes with 2 sets of headphone output interface, suitable for connecting a variety of interfaces and sensitivity of the headphones or ear plugs, a variety of audio files to enjoy.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with high-quality digital fiber, RCA coaxial output interface to output pure stereo PCM encoded signals and multi-channel format Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS digital signal, you can connect external Advanced audio decoder, you can get better music appreciation effect; you can also connect with decoding AV video system, experience watching DVD large immersive surround sound, enjoy the unprecedented theater effect.May also connect MD equipment Digital music transcription.
Monitor 02 US mark2 The MULINK high-definition audio output interface of the sound card can be connected with the decoder of MUSILAND to transmit jitter-free high-definition audio format, and its audio quality far exceeds the traditional S / PDIF interface.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card using the latest power handling technology and headphone amplification technology, the use of USB self-powered, you can provide excellent sound quality and powerful headphone driver can be used for different chipset desktop or notebook computer.
• High-quality audio features
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card supports up to 32Bit / 384KHz format audio processing, and uses up to 120dB SNR and dynamic range of digital-analog conversion chip to provide high-fidelity sound quality analog output.
As the use of the latest technology POWER-UP high-precision power supply, and multi-stage filter circuit processing, the USB interface voltage first boost, and then clean, to ensure that the computer USB interface power supply, can also provide pure power supply characteristics, Optional external power supply or battery-powered.
LeBang's unique balance analog filter amplifier circuit, providing high resolution and musicality of the best balance, as far as possible to describe the details of the sound at the same time, to ensure the audibility of the sound.
2 high-efficiency headphone jack, with high output swing and high current output characteristics, you can more flexible drive all kinds of different impedance and sensitivity of the headset.
Monitor 02 US mark2 The digital output of the sound card uses asynchronous FIFO to output the digital signal. In this way, the precise clock of the SuperDSP210 adjusts the timing of the digital signal in the SuperDSP210 to reduce the jitter characteristic of the S / PDIF format. Of the enhanced digital signal transmission quality.
Monitor 02 US mark2 The MULINK high-definition audio output interface of the sound card, which is managed by the FPGA's real-time clock of the DCM, synchronizes with the data output clock to the decoder as the sampling rate changes, in this way, the data and clock do not need to be complex Synchronization, and no clock recovery operation. So basically no jitter transfer, high-definition audio details can be transmitted without loss .In addition, up to 32Bit data is S / PDIF specifications can not be achieved.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card also supports ASIO, to provide ultra-low audio delay characteristics.
• Flexible software support
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card through the installation of the unique state of the development of the driver, can provide the perfect ASIO, WDM support and the mainstream operating system Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows7, Windows8 and so on.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card support Universal USB Audio Class 2.0, in the latest MAC, LINUX below can be plug and play, and supports DSD hardware playback.For integrated USB Audio Class 2.0 driver IOS or Android devices, Monitor 02 US Mark2 sound card can also be the perfect support.
You can also continue to optimize the updated by the late state of the driver, making Monitor02 US mark2 sound card to play better audio performance.
● Product picture

Typical parameters
Analog output
Dynamic range (D / A): 120dB
Signal to noise ratio (D / A): 120dB
Total harmonic distortion (D / A): 0.005%
Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + -0.1dB
Output level: 2V rms
Output impedance: 10KΩ
Headphone jack 1 Output power: 120mW / RL = 300Ω; 180mW / RL = 100Ω
Headphone jack 2 Output power: 260mW / RL = 32Ω
Digital output
Dynamic range: 140dB
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted): 140dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0001%
Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + -0dB
Input interface: USB2.0, voltage greater than 4.5V, current greater than 500mA, external supply voltage 5V.
Power consumption: ≤ 2.5W
Product Color: Black
Shell material: aluminum
Overall dimensions (shell): 98x86x25 (mm)
Weight: 208 g
1 pair RCA line out connector (stereo)
1 3.5mm headphone output interface
1 6.25mm headphone output interface
1 12mm MULINK output connector
1 square mouth digital output interface
1 RCA digital coaxial interface
1 B-type USB input interface
1 external power supply or battery-powered interface
Key Features
Stereo analog output
USB2.0 high-speed transmission
24bit / 192kHz analog output
24bit / 192kHz coaxial / optical digital output
32bit / 384kHz MULINK digital output
Digital output PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS format
Support for ASIO
Support MUSILAND MMDI interface
The output sampling rate is set manually
Headphone, line output control panel to manually switch
Supports digital knob volume control
Support 1Bit DSD audio signal hardware decoding playback
The driver supports Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8 systems
Support MAC, IOS, Linux, Andrews, and so almost all common support USB Audio Class operating system

● Product accessories

1 sound card master card
USB2.0 a data cable
Warranty card one
A quick installation guide