Music bang 02 US mark2 external USB professional independent computer HIFI sound card | Fiber-optic coaxial DSD

Music bang 02 US mark2 external USB professional independent computer HIFI sound card | Fiber-optic coaxial DSD

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: State of Musiland/Monitor ...
  • Channel: 2
  • Type: USB
  • Condition: brand new
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Brand: State of Musiland/
  • Model: Monitor 02 US mark2

Product introduction
Listen (Monitor ), Study on the State of agglutination years technology and audio essence. Power UP Technology makes compact metal body and reveals a strong driving force. Hardware direct play DSD Audio stream continues the classic at the same time, in order to provide users with better fidelity, higher quality sound. Line, headphones output switch; Digital volume control knob, and show people why this design philosophy. Optional external power supply or battery-powered, the line, 6.3MM , 3.5MM Headphones independent interface, fiber optic, coaxial, MULINK Output, ASIO Playback, DTS And Du Biyuan code output DSD Audio signal decoding ... ..., universal application environment, 120dB Rich output of music taste, domineering exposed, our national prestige?
• Advanced chipset architecture

MUSILAND Audio Labs update SuperDSP210 HD audio chipset, supports real USB2.0 high speed transmission, instantaneous transfer rates up to 480Mbps. Meet the MUSILAND special drive, can be passed through a high speed bus chipset inside the raw DSD data for processing. Cache and the multi-layered state machine handling, USB high speed transfer of data to achieve true real time.
SuperDSP210 HD audio chipset supports real 32Bit audio data processing sample rate support up to 384KHz. By SuperDSP210 DCM (clock management) produced audio clock, restore sound files, close to a human auditory limits of harmonic distortion. Precision s/PDIF transmitter by the independent FPGA implementation, you can complete the PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and other popular digital signal output. Due to the s/PDIF transmitter powered by precision clock, so very low jitter output signal can reach audio lab test equipment the required accuracy. Next-Gen's MULINK interface, you can 32Bit HD audio data and DSD data source or other digital audio output to an external decoder.
• Practical function interfaces
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with high quality stereo line outputs, headphone output, optical output, coaxial output RCA, MULINK HD audio output interface.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with line, earphone output switch, digital volume control knob, and show people why this design philosophy.
2 sets of headphones that came with the sound card output connector, for connecting a variety of interfaces and the sensitivity of headphones or earplugs, and various audio files to enjoy.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with high quality digital fiber-optic, coaxial RCA outputs, and can output pure stereo PCM coded signal and multichannel Dolby Digital format (AC-3), DTS digital signal, you can connect an external advanced audio decoder, and get more excellent music effects; Can also connect a decoding function of AV entertainment system, watch the DVD big immersive surround sound effect, enjoy the cinematic than ever before. Digital music transcription can also connect MD devices.
Monitor MULINK HD audio output interface 02 US mark2 sound card, can connect and MUSILAND decoder, transmission jitter free HD audio formats, audio quality far beyond traditional s/PDIF interface.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card with the latest power technology and headphone amplifier technology, using a USB self-powered, can provide excellent sound quality and powerful headphone driver. Can be used for different chipsets for desktops or laptops.
• High quality audio properties
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card supports up to a whopping 32Bit/384KHz formats of audio processing, and a dynamic range of up to 120dB SNR digital-analog converter, analog output provides high-fidelity sound quality.
As a result of the latest technology POWER-UP high precision power supply, as well as multilevel filter circuits, voltage step-up the USB interface, clean, keep your computer under the USB interface power supply, can also provide clean power supply features, optional external power supply or battery.
Balance simulation of State-specific filter amplifier provides the best balance between high resolution and musicality, while trying to describe the voice details, ensure the resistance of sound.
Group 2 efficiency headphone, with high output swing and high current output characteristics can be more flexible driving all kinds of different impedance and sensitivity of headphones.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card's digital output using asynchronous FIFO output digital signals, in this way, by onboard precise clock with SuperDSP210 DCM reorganization within the digital signal timing, thereby reducing the jitter of the s/PDIF format-specific maximum limit, enhanced digital signal transmission quality.
Monitor MULINK HD audio output interface 02 US mark2 sound card, managed by DCM of FPGA real-time clocks, as the sampling rate changes, and synchronous clock and data output to the decoder, this way, without the need for complicated data and clock synchronization, no need for clock recovery operation. So basically no jitter pass, era of HD audio can be passed without any loss of detail. In addition, up to 32Bit of data is beyond the reach of s/PDIF specifications.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card also supports ASIO, provides ultra low audio latency.
• Flexible software support
Monitor 02 US mark2 by installing the sound card drivers specific to state of development, can provide the perfect ASIO and WDM support as well as mainstream operating systems Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows7, Windows8 and so on.
Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card supports General USB Audio Class 2.0, the latest MAC, LINUX can do the following plug and play, and DSD hardware playback support. Integrated USB Audio Class 2.0 powered IOS or Android device, Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card can also be the perfect support.
Can be later updated by State of optimized drivers, Monitor02 US mark2 sound card to play a superior audio performance.
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Typical parameters
Analog output
Dynamic range (d/a): 120dB
Signal to noise ratio (d/a): 120dB
Total harmonic distortion (D/A): 0.005%
Frequency response (20Hz~ 20KHz): +-0.1dB
Output level: 2V RMS
Output impedance: 10K
Headphone Jack 1 output power: 120mW/RL=300 ω; 180mW/RL=100Ω
Headphone connector 2 output power: 260mW/RL=32 ω
Digital output
Dynamic range: 140dB
Signal to noise ratio (a-weight): 140dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0001%
Frequency response (20Hz~ 20KHz): +-0dB
Input interface: USB2.0, voltage is greater than 4.5V, the current more than 500mA, external power supply voltage of 5V.
Power consumption: ≤ 2.5W
Product color: black
Shell material: aluminum
Overall size (shell): 98x86x25 (mm)
Weight: 208 g
1 pair RCA line output (stereo)
1 3.5mm headphone output interface
1 6.25mm headphone output interface
1 12mm MULINK output interface
1 optical digital output interface
1 x RCA Digital coaxial connector
1 type b USB input interface
1 external power supply or battery-powered interface
Main features
Stereo analog output
USB2.0 high-speed transmission
24bit/192kHz analog output
24bit/192kHz coaxial/optical digital output
32bit/384kHz MULINK digital outputs
PCM/Dolby Digital/DTS Digital output format
Support for ASIO
MUSILAND MMDI interface supported
Output sample rate manual
Headphone, line out control panel manual switch
Supports digital knob volume control
1Bit DSD audio hardware decoding and playing
Driver support for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 systems
Supports MAC, IOS, Linux, Android, such as almost all common operating system that supports USB Audio Class

Product accessories

Sound card master card 1
USB2.0 cable
Warranty card x
Quick Installation Guide